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  1. http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/sport/spl/3653319/The-Ali-shuffle.html
  2. Me & my dad are looking to get a season ticket for the bar 72 next year was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the price as i cant see it on the website ? thanks in advance bears WE ARE THE PEOPLE !
  3. CHIEF Executive Martin Bain said tonight that the club is to face a second disciplinary action by UEFA for alleged sectarian singing. If the new UEFA prosecution is successful the consequences for the club will be 'very punitive' and will result in another heavy fine and the club playing two games behind closed doors at Ibrox next season. Martin Bain said:" We have been informed tonight that we are now to be punished for alleged sectarian singing at Ibrox during the Europa League home game against PSV Eindhoven in addition to sanctions for alleged singing at the away match. "We are absolutely
  4. apparently said sorry for scoring ? surley b.s this ? doing major rounds on the facebook !
  5. reckon it should be tied up by monday fingers crossed anyway ! :uk: :uk:
  6. Hello bears , just got 2 tickets for the bar 72 tommorow was wondering if anyone had any information on it for me , what its like , good time to go in for afew beers prior to kick off etc ? Thanks in advance WE ARE THE PEOPLE !!! :uk: :uk:
  7. Anyone get me a torrent or somewere i can download the full match from sunday ? would love to see it all again on t.v thanks in advance WATP :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic:
  8. sorry fi repost but funniest video in a while http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p09dKcwUf8k&feature=player_embedded#at=82My link
  9. HNLHHH....HFH ? :crabflute: :crabflute:
  10. just in from a cheeky half day at work bears . and the towns full of romours of a nail bomb beeing intercepted at saltcoats post office . the full street is cordend off etc see what happens with this if its true and was for lennon or jst a romour
  11. could someone pm me a link for the game please thanks alot ..
  12. would love it if anyone in the know of any busses could send me a mail with price etc and let me know desperate to gt over and have a sash bash with the bears
  13. much appreciated lads if we had any coughs :sherlock:
  14. Ht Gers 1-0 Hearts . good Half Weiss And Diouf Constant Threats . Ness Very Composed Middle Of The Park . David Weir Having A Great Game .
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