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  1. Surely if someone tenders their resignation, they waive any 'payoff' they would receive if they were sacked. If it is your choice to leave a company and it is accepted by a company, why would they have to pay him any money. The only way McCoist would be given a pay off is if he has told Rangers: "I will leave now for [x amount of money], or you can pay me the rest of my contact or I will stay until the contract is finished". Either way, none of them are classes as handing in your resignation, surely?
  2. Obviously it's not even remotely possible right now, or within the next two years but what about Frank Rijkaard? He was sacked from Galatasaray, then sacked from the Saudi Arabia job. I reckon he'll be looking for a top club in world football to put his name back in the hat for bigger jobs. He has a brilliant mind for tactics and knows world football inside out. Another couple of managers spring to mind, more appropriate for now. Gary Johnson has done remarkable at Yeovil Town. Basically working on League 2/Conference facilities and a limited budget. To take a team the size of Yeovil from
  3. No great loss. Bit of a bombscare at the back. Never looked comfortable in any of the games I seen him play. Whichever way you look at it, He'll be 22 by the start of next season, he has barely shown any promise and he is injury prone. We can't go into the Championship with this level of player. I've rather have Cribari, in all honesty. As always, I hope he goes on to have a sucessful career, maybe one day we'll see him back if he really turns out good but I can't possibly critisise the decision to release him.
  4. Sebos goal tally since leaving Rangers is pretty decent. I'd have him back. I can never really say anything bad about any player who runs and run and runs and really tries his hardest. Regardless if he fucked up or not, he always came back to fuck up again. As football fans, you can only ask that a player tries his best in 100% of the games he plays and Sebo done that. Oh, wouldn't mind Weiss back either.
  5. All these folk saying McAusland at right back? Am I the only one who thinks this boy is a pretty poor player. When i've seen him play, he contributes nothing to the team. A little like Foster. I wouldn't have McAusland anywhere near that first team.
  6. Just read this. Very interesting. IF this offer is turned down, then we can be sure there is some very suspicious goings on at Ibrox. Like we didn't already know that though.
  7. If McCoist was given £1 million to spend, it should be invested in a world class scouting system. What we don't need is average players coming out in the paper saying "I'd play for Rangers" and McCoist saying "lets go watch him and see if we can sign him". We seem to only sign players who show a degree of interest in signing for us in the past. There is a world of talent just waiting to be found and we can see past our 4 pishy divisions in Scotland.
  8. No one can really complain about how we are doing in the league and cup. Most Rangers fans completely appreciate the fact that we're 21 points clear, in a cup final and on course for another. It's the manner of how it's being done. The quality in our team, should see us winning 4-0, 5-0, 6-0 in most games but the matter of fact is that we struggle in some of these games. Ally's tactics are verging on cringeworthy. The first half of the season we have 4 centre mids playing across the middle, but play a 6 ft 2 brick shit house upfront. He is begging for delivery on to his head and we constan
  9. If that's what he meant, then I apologize. Obviously read it completely wrong. I couldn't answer why he doesn't want to offer a controlling steak. Maybe he just doesn't want to own Rangers, maybe he just want to help. I don't think we can judge his motives in not wanting to own Rangers, when he have clearly voiced his ambitions to invest heavily.
  10. But, with anything you invest in, you'd like to know where and how your money is being spent. As it is with Rangers these days, no one has any idea where the money is going. You can't invest in something with your money if you don't know how your money is being spent, unless you are only in it to make money, in which case, the intricacies aren't important. For example, if I invested in Facebook, I don't really care how the money is being spent, as long as I make money back. If you care about something, you want to know how your money is going to be used. If someone invests in £1 Million a
  11. The guy is merely telling the truth. It amazes me that the board continue to bullshit people, not just this current one, but plenty before and yet people can still sit back and defend it. Yes, Dave King might be using scare tactics, but guess what, it's scary because it's true. The club needs Rangers men. But not just any Rangers men (Graham Wallace being an example) but trustworthy Rangers men. Let's be honest here, Dave King has used all these tactics before, more than once. IF he wasn't concerned and absolutely committed to the cause, would he really try so hard. He obviously cares en
  12. I reckon it'll line up something like this: Bell Foster McCulloch Moshni Wallace Aird Peralta Black Smith Law Daly I think Law is excellent at arriving late in the box. I'd have Steven Smith nowhere near that team, personally, but if he HAD to play, i'd be having Wallace at Left Mid and Smith at Left Back. Wallace is far more effective at getting forward. Got a feeling this will be a good victory; 2-0.
  13. If we stopped 10 in a row then shared the title 50-50 for 50 years, we'd still be the most successful football team in Scotland and probably for a long while the most successful in the world. If we let them get 10 in a row then won 8/10 titles for 50 years, we would never be able to beat 10 in a row. Therefore the first option is obviously the best one.
  14. So all this was just smokescreen. This McColl is a fucking joke!
  15. Charles Green and his consortium were the only people to put thier money where their mouth was. The Blue Knights didn't, McColl was nowhere to be seen. As a business man he is entitled to ask what he wants for the club and he is 100% correct to tell folk "put the money up, or shut up". Ally McCoist leaving Rangers as a manager would no be a bad thing, Walter leaving is cause for concern.
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