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  1. I'm not going to pretend to be in the know - however there has been a few murmurings that investment is coming in the summer - not to mention the share issue. It may be wishful thinking however the fact that we were able to turn down the best part of £10m for Morelos in January suggests there may be some truth. No smoke without fire as they say.
  2. As stated previously - he has a house in Dunoon. He often visits Ibrox when staying up here. With that said - I don't think we are interested in him.
  3. His wife is Scottish and they often visit family up here. Not the craziest of suggestions - if rumours of investment are to be believed.
  4. Mark Allen has seen the Man City lads day in day out - if he thinks this boy is worth a punt - then I am happy.
  5. We need to hype this guy to the level they hype Dembele. His goal scoring record is immense - and rumour has it they were very much interested in him as well.
  6. Drop me a PM if you have one. Cheers!
  7. Waghorn still may come good. He missed countless chances last season - however with that said he got into the right positions to make those chances. I think he is a player badly lacking in confidence at the moment. A run of goals could completely change him again.
  8. Must be a lot of money on offer! Apparently he had a lot of options down South - which would have been an easier move for him.
  9. Looking for a spare Adult ticket for Friday night.
  10. Unlikely I know - but if anyone has a spare it would be much appreciated.
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