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  1. I'm not going to pretend to be in the know - however there has been a few murmurings that investment is coming in the summer - not to mention the share issue. It may be wishful thinking however the fact that we were able to turn down the best part of £10m for Morelos in January suggests there may be some truth. No smoke without fire as they say.
  2. As stated previously - he has a house in Dunoon. He often visits Ibrox when staying up here. With that said - I don't think we are interested in him.
  3. His wife is Scottish and they often visit family up here. Not the craziest of suggestions - if rumours of investment are to be believed.
  4. Mark Allen has seen the Man City lads day in day out - if he thinks this boy is worth a punt - then I am happy.
  5. We need to hype this guy to the level they hype Dembele. His goal scoring record is immense - and rumour has it they were very much interested in him as well.
  6. Drop me a PM if you have one. Cheers!
  7. Waghorn still may come good. He missed countless chances last season - however with that said he got into the right positions to make those chances. I think he is a player badly lacking in confidence at the moment. A run of goals could completely change him again.
  8. Must be a lot of money on offer! Apparently he had a lot of options down South - which would have been an easier move for him.
  9. Looking for a spare Adult ticket for Friday night.
  10. Unlikely I know - but if anyone has a spare it would be much appreciated.
  11. He has played twice as many professional games as Harry Forrester and is only one year older. Could still be a good player but he really needs to kick in from here on in.
  12. Hi Guys, Looking for 2 tickets for Monday - PM if you can help me out - cheers!
  13. PM if anyone has a couple of spares.
  14. I'm sure the spfl existed last year though.
  15. But was it Ashley? I doubt it would be the current board who failed to agree a deal.
  16. Has anyone asked the club as to why we could not agree a licensing deal for FIFA 16 this year? I know the club are in the process of unifying the brand using the RFC badge however the rumours of Ashley owning rights to the ready badge continue to hang over us.
  17. Great player but was not underrated - we all knew at the time exactly how good he was. Not had a better winger since.
  18. The Primrose Bar next to the train station is where the bus leaves I think. Should be good in there for the game
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