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  1. Feel really sorry for Francesco. Out in 33 and still getting humped. Woods has just gone birdie, birdie, birdie, eagle! You can't compete with that. The other Molinari just about to go 4 up on Fowler, Jiminez 3 up on Watson and McDowell 2 up on Mahan so still going Europe's way!
  2. Dustin Johnson and Jim Furyk were taking the piss over that putt on the 16th only for Johnson to leave it short I think F Molinari could come out tomorrow and play superbly. I think all he needs is a bit of confidence and holing that putt on the last could just give him it. Every one of the Europeans stood up to be counted today. Westwood and Donald to be -5 in a foursome is just outstanding.
  3. Jiminez is already in the team. I think he'll pick Molinari, Quiros and Donald.
  4. I think Eduardo Molinari is a stick on for a pick. He's played well this year and with winning the world cup with francesco gives him a perfect partner. .
  5. Fucking brilliant from Kaymer! Great chance at a 4, guaranteed 5. Watson must up and down for his 5.
  6. Not over right enough, Kaymer just chips out sideways. Watson can still make a 5 and a 5 isn't a gimmie for Kaymer.
  7. I don't really know what they're arguing about. It doesn't matter if people walk through it or not, that looks like a bunker everyday of the week to me. The whole situation is a bit shit and its gonna put a bit of a damper on the competition. On a positive note, this is Kaymers!
  8. People are standing in the bunker because there are live 50 billion bunkers on the course, they'll have assumed that was out of play so it would have been fine. Silly course set up. Grounding the club means setting the club on the ground behind the ball. On grass, its fine but you're not allowed to in bunkers.
  9. Thats a bit gutting to be fair. He should never have grounded the club. I would have assumed that was a bunker everyday of the week, particularly since they've been told all sand areas are bunkers.
  10. He defiantly grounds the club. It all depends on how it's classed. To me, thats a bunker.
  11. Dustin Johnson may be in a bit of bother. Suspected he grounded his club in a bunker... Either way, the man has very little bottle.
  12. McIlroy has been so so unlucky on the last few holes. Hit great puts that just never fell and he's only one back! Only one back though. Watson looks screwed at the par 3, up against the steep bank. Kaymer starting to look a little loose. Looking like its gonna be a good final few holes!
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