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  1. I second the Dundonald thought. It holds up fantastically well at this time of year and you can usually get a good deal.
  2. If anyone is currently driver hunting I have a Nike Vr Pro 6.0 9.5 degree for sale. It's the straight fit thing so you get the wrench and it has 32 positions to play with. Been hit no more than a dozen times, looking for £130.
  3. Fuck sake! First the pish bagpipes now this!
  4. It was also his 4th (5th and 6th (if you work it that way)) red cards of the season. The ban is pretty much spot on I think. It could easily have been more.
  5. That's decent advice. What I do is I try to think about getting the shaft to finish behind my head, parallel to my eyes. It makes you complete the swing without concentrating on the ball.
  6. Those look like some mighty short odds on Ernie Els considering he's not yet in the field Tiger is hitting a lot more fairways than he ever did but that's not a massive advantage at Augusta given the wide fairways. Having said that, his all round game has been great recently. Rory or Tiger for me. Westwood to look good for a while then fade, McDowell to start slowly and make a late, but futile, charge.
  7. Just finished A Night to Remember. It's a real mind fuck. You get drunk in a bar and wake up in a temple and having to retrace your steps. Turns out you had quite a wild night.
  8. Pretty much what I said as well. It really is no wonder the refs get so much stick. That's a proper howler.
  9. As much as I laughed when it happened, thats not a red card in a million years.
  10. If we are to play Wallace at left back then we'd be more balanced with McKay on the left than Wylde. Wallace can't overlap when Wylde plays which almost nulufies his best assest. I suspect McKay will cut in more providing space for Wallace. Playing left midfield does not mean he will be a left winger. Davis for example has never once played as a right winger for Rangers, he's play right midfield.
  11. Did he not sign a 6 year deal like 2 months ago? If so then he has bugger all to complain about. Seems that he signed it last year.
  12. It's possible that he thought he was worth more than we did. Just because we have some cash now doesn't mean we'll be offering big wages to a player we don't see as worth bigger wages.
  13. McGregor Whittaker Bougherra Bartley Papac Weiss Davis Edu Lafferty Jelavic Healey
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