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  1. Only because they haven't strung a run of wins together but when they do they will open up a huge lead.
  2. Amac9


    We needed a proven manager who would sort us out. We got another fucking left field project appointment. He'll be back on BT before the season is over.
  3. Never been the same since Joe Garner tackled it.
  4. Amac9


    Only good if it goes in your favour. Imagine scoring a last minute winner against them only for it to go to VAR and get chalked off.
  5. They will beat Killie on Saturday and we'll struggle at Dundee.
  6. Need at least 2 creative midfielders. Cancel Ejaria and Coulibaly loan deals as they offer nothing.
  7. Gerrard knows fuck all about winning league titles. Changes the team every fucking week and continues to play shite like Flanagan, Coulibaly and Ejaria.
  8. Coulibaly has been absolute dog shite since the 4th game of the season.
  9. Come the 29th we'll have the usual false hope and then get thumped again. They are a bad side but look good because we are still a long long way off being serious challengers.
  10. Brainless, petulant wee kid. Sadly we're that shite we've no option but to play him.
  11. I'm sure having that wife of his at home would fill a huge void for me.
  12. Sadiq surely must be demoted to cleaning the toilets by now.
  13. Good to have him back available.
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