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  1. Miller should do the rightful thing and just rip up his contract he is past it and we don't need him next season
  2. A new first team is a priority m8 they all need binned
  3. Bell should be kick strait out the club after that pish today not even close to a first team keeper saying that get all the old ones out and start with a full team of youngsters they would have done a lot better than that pish the day and all season
  4. Link Naismith and Davis won’t rule out Rangers return all this guff about the best years why leave then and wait till we are in with a shout of going back up and they all want back no thanks
  5. Its no just him as Naismith and Davis won't rule out return either they can all stay were they are no thanks Link Naismith and Davis won’t rule out Rangers return
  6. I thought they were here to but I think they went back to Newcastle till they were fit to play well that's what I think as why would carver mention them in the article if he hasn't seen them ?? But I could be wrong m8
  7. Kevin Mbabu and Gael Bigirimana have also been sidelined by injuries doesn't say when they are ready to come down either. Pointless loan signings tbh
  8. Instead of Mccoist waisting money on big wages when we were in 3rd division that's when our youth should have been deployed and built themselves up with every league they played in and then when we hit the championship we could have had a bit of dosh to build on the team.
  9. They young lads will be getting some stick off the whole squad in training if they have to play every game
  10. If that is true it could work in Kennys favour as the lads could get us back to were we belong and Kenny will take the plaudits for it. Like all the reports said when we signed the 5 lads Ashley wants us to go up and hes hand picked the best youngster they have to get us there so win win for both Kenny and Ashley
  11. That's most likely a good thing as they must be a lot better than the dross we have on the park now. But then again isn't it not Ashley that picks the Newcastle team too ??
  12. Normally they come out and tell the world that we have trialists in for them to have a look at them and still not a peep from the training ground strange
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