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  1. We have been crying out for character like that for 8 years. We will win the treble and will be the best one yet 👏🏻
  2. It’s all about our team staying focussed and professional now. Today was a great example of the depth in our squad but also how the players can make the system work when players are brought in. Good post match comments from the gaffer in terms of respecting the opposition etc. He is really focussed and it comes across brilliantly. The worst thing we can do is assume we will walk all over them in the next OF game. It’s bitten us on the arse before but it won’t happen again. it’s great though seeing them struggle on and off the pitch. All their good players clearly want out and no dec
  3. The team look very mature, patient in possession & a great team effort to press when required. Some fantastic passages of play going forward and Aberdeen got away with one, could have easily been 6-0. This was another pressure game abs the team dealt with it professionally and with style. It’s in our hands to win this league and I hope the team can keep this level of performance up. We have done it all so far in terms of playing style, winning with great football at times and also grinding out results. Our clean sheet record is pretty outstanding long May it continue 👏🏻
  4. His attitude is too poor for me so no thanks. Our team is all about spirit and working together. He just seems to play as an individual and puts the tools down when things aren't going his way. In saying that it's good to see a player with a bit of talent playing for a mid table team in the SPL
  5. I still can't beleive he only got a booking at Tynecadtle when he took Jelavic out the game for 3 months. Two footed lunge from behind, no where near the ball. Explain that one SFA! EDIT: looking back on that tackle by Johnson, if Jela's foot was planted that was the end of his career there and then. I'm not too sure about Black there, knowing the way he is he would have made much more contact than he did if he meant to hurt him.
  6. Really nervous again about this game, would be happy to see the sane team again and go for goals early doors. The earlier we can get some sort of cushion the better. Still taking nothing for granted this league is far from over and hopefully the players can keep the heads and get the win we need. If we win tomorrow the pressure on them at Tynecastle will be immense. Just want to get the game over and done with!
  7. I really hope he stays with us, you cannot replace the talent that he has. If we win the league next weekend it is down to Mcgregor's performence against them at Ibrox. World class save and cracking penalty save could well be the reason we are champions again. As for £5m - gtf Spurs considering they paid double that for Gomes who is a complete goon. If he does leave it should be to Man Utd or Arsenal, that is the level he should be playing at.
  8. He was awful for the first 30 mins but his game improved. Was glad that the crowd didn't get on his back too much and I think this helped him through the match. On another note Edu was excellent yesterday
  9. Nervous - just getting ready to leave! 2 early goals please and will settle for 3-0
  10. Good shout. IMO given his input in 9 in a row and saving the club on his return, he us the greatest Rangers manager of all time. Also want to see his name on the new year honours list. Arise Sir Walter
  11. Really happpy that it's been done and dusted and good to hear such a positive statement. A win tomorrow will top off what has been a fantastic week for the club on and off the pitch
  12. I'm fucking shiting it here! 5 mins minimum added time is a shoe on
  13. £3m minimum or gtf would rather lose him on a bossman. They get mega bucks when promoted so we should be playing hardball and demanding at least the same we paid for him.
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