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  1. Fulla confidence since his match winner
  2. Yeah but am sure that's were I seen it
  3. Think it was that Joe black on twitter that mentioned upto 10 off them
  4. Mark Dingwall has retweeted some1 claiming at least 2 folk from celtic have tested positive for covid on there return from dubai. Poss lennon and 1 other
  5. What happened in the Hibs and Glasgow hibs games for us to be named?
  6. Think he needs to change his channel name
  7. Download acast app and u can download the fone ins
  8. If alfy scores am sure he gets sent off for celebrating by sticking the nut on brown
  9. 1 hard challenge from us will no doubt result in a straight red card, can see it now
  10. Thats were halliday came in handy last season
  11. Cant fine teams for the fans, singing or flares so gave to make there monies somewhere
  12. Folk were saying hes got his eye on the man utd post a while back
  13. With reading about the way the lad from southampton runs his ship with a list off coachs of replacements, i do think he is 1 on his list. I think our board would have went for a scottishfootball tried n tested manager like Eck, Wright or McInnes.
  14. Still wonder why they think hes going for 20mil+, gary hooper ripped our league apart and got relegated with nowrich and has dissappeared
  15. Hes keeping that for the halloween night out if he stays
  16. Yeah cause the our signing was more hurtful and police worthly rather than the multipal assults on players and staff on the pitch
  17. I know lee wallace got hit but that song could have killed some1
  18. I thought that wasn't to sure, thanks buddy
  19. Was the last semi not on bbc?
  20. Still hoping for a 9dart finish. Won 50quid ladt night with Anderson doing it. Put more on it again tonight
  21. The mhanks should want 5mil minimum. Time we took a leaf out there book (pains me ti say it) and play hardball in dealings
  22. So is overhead kicks now outlawed if jaromes goal was high foot?
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