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  1. on one hand hes got his bosses and on the other hes got friends and former collegues going against them hes in a tough position but ally will come out and say get behind the club and stick together and not be a split devide.
  2. fair play to the big man!
  3. if i had the choice i would of went with walter. but seen as i dont im going with green as he put up the cash when the chips were down wether i trust him remains to be seen.
  4. where were all these consortiums when the chips were down??...put up or shut up
  5. what chance have we got when the fuckn so called captain is running for the door, so much for leading by example and showing loyality to your manager and fans..wanker give me a team of nacho novos!
  6. really disapointed in the players that are leaving but im not surprised...they should be sticking by the club that gave them there chance and brought them through the ranks to where they are now...without rangers these fuckers would of been nothing! show some loyality! when rangers and the fans showed you it! hats of to lee wallace watp no surrender!
  7. think i hit a hard on when goram made those saves and super ally got the goal!
  8. will there be any *coughs* to this?
  9. hes been a breath of fresh air since coming in, got to try keep him.
  10. think that picture shows not only what rangers means to him but even the staff.
  11. i think he deserves a run in the side, times ive seen him play he cant be faulted.
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