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  1. I wouldn't move Aribo to accommodate Arfield. Aribo has been brilliant in that position. He needs to stay. For me that would cause more issues.
  2. I found the line "we have a model on salary that we won’t break." interesting. I think Goldson is asking for too much and we won't break our salary model for him.
  3. Sometimes I think I watch a different game to some people.
  4. My calendar says the games starts at 3pm. I thought it was strange the team was announced so double checked the KO. Buzzing it starts in a hour
  5. Well it's difficult to play football without any legs to be fair.
  6. Yeah I saw a few high hives from the defence last night. The confidence is slowly coming back to them.
  7. You could see Goldson talking to him constantly, which must have been great for him. It was funny when Bassey was down the left wing Goldson was screaming for him to get back.
  8. We still another to really kill the game and there confidence.
  9. I think Hagi has dementia tonight. He seems to be glitching.
  10. We should just give Bassey the free role. He's a wrecking ball.
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