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  1. "who provocatively goaded Brown" Reap what you sow! I love the fact that the article insinuates that it's okay for players to do it but no one else can. Somehow stating that Brown previous behaviour is okay because his passion runs high.
  2. Eubank Jr is the most deluded man on earth. Not having a trainer for so long is ridiculous. Yeah as he had a fear of needles, but at the same time has tattoos. I read that too and I think there was some other questionable stuff Mayweather had done for that fighter if I can recall It was unreal what the Russians got up to. It was a great documentary. Unless sports undertake full time testing, it'll always be rife. It's been going on forever. Some have just been better at not getting caught like Pacman and Canelo. How anyone can think you can go up the weights and
  3. I agree the whole sport is rife with it. I would be amazed if Canelo and Pac wasn't roided up to the eye balls. I have no idea how Pac never got caught.
  4. I think he had the skill, just not the power.
  5. I reckon BJS will win the first few rounds, tire and then Canelo will start to catch him. BJS just doesn't have the power to earn Canelo's respect. I really hope BJS can do it, it'll be a herculean effort.
  6. I still don't see it. You never know, Hagi could be sold.
  7. I can't see Gerrard ever stopping him.
  8. Looks like some WWE shite. Jake Paul is trying to be the biggest cock he can be to be relevant. It's working because most of the fighting world wants to cave his head in.
  9. Nor do I. I saw that this morning. BJS is doing everything to unsettle Canelo and I think it's working.
  10. Is there any news on the ring size? I know there has been issues with it this week. Edit: just seen the BJS got his own way and got a 22ft ring. That's better for BJS.
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