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  1. I read this, this morning and thought the whole thing is a cash grab. There is a reason they didn't release this information months ago. There is no way that I would pay to see it. Although I'm not sure you can stop a KO if Tyson cracks you one.
  2. I agree I would rather win 4 nil than go for it and lose a goal. I don't think all the subs help, but it great for squad rotation and getting everyone minutes. Our game management has increased exponentially. I think clean sheets sends messages to the other teams, it gives them no hope. I know some say the games turn boring, but I'd rather be bored at 4 up then watching some of the football Ally and Walter had us play. Although Walter always got a result some of the games were horrendous to watch.
  3. Sounds like a sex pest. What the fuck are those noises he is making. Sounds like he is struggling to stay alive.
  4. Same, VIPbox is terrible today. I can't get it to load.
  5. Nod32 is the best anti virus program. You would be alright with it, it does everything behind the scenes. Norton is horrible.
  6. From the Sun in England http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/3090019/QPR-set-to-sign-Tommy-Smith.html TOMMY SMITH is set to join QPR for £1.5million. The Portsmouth forward, 30, has been told he can leave as the cash-strapped club need £7m to start paying back creditors. I hope this 1 is true.
  7. Who knows, Bain could come back with anycunt ! Is Anycunt a winger or a striker?
  8. Unfortunately when i was at work experience in a builder merchants they told me to go over to the Subaru garage and get a long stand and i fell for it big time. I trotted over to the garage and bastards made me wait for 30 mins before saying they didnt have 1, whilst they were all pissing themselves. I got back after 30 mins and the place erupted with laughter.
  9. Same here. Im so glad i didnt get an orange branded phone, there firmware is supposed to be horrible. Im loving 2.2!
  10. Does it need to be rooted to do this. I also have an unbranded desire on orange but havent been pushed the update. No, HTC have brought out the 2.2 update for unbranded desires. Orange, Vodafone etc... will be working on there versions now, Oranges update is coming out in a months time. My desire pushed me for the update. Im sure that you can go into settings - about phone - system software updates and receive it.
  11. ConvertXtoDVD, works really well, great quality conversions. And yes, it can be acquired in a similar way to the files you want to convert :tu: by far the best program for converting to DVD!
  12. I've upgraded to 2.2, I'm on a unbranded Orange desire. I'm sooo glad they didn't ship me my phone with all their shite on it.
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