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  1. If Brighton get relegated, they'll be in real trouble. Yeah, I've been reading about their situation. They've been fucked over.
  2. Djokovic's reign and superhuman powers on a plant based diet is suspect.
  3. Ståle Stensaas followed by an McCoist hattrick, against Falkirk in the Coca-Cola Cup. Finished 4-1.
  4. To prove murder, you need to show intent. He didn't intend to kill him. Possibly manslaughter.
  5. Seems strange to have a brit absolutely smash and not have a mental breakdown.
  6. I'm soooo surprised after they have the world record number of season ticket sales.
  7. It's nice knowing the penalty has been scored before one has been awarded in my stream.
  8. Very true, we have been poor, but I still stand by that we are shite after every international break.
  9. It's the same after every international break. We always seems hit to form just before it and then are shite for the first game back.
  10. I'd say its more likely a clash of ethos to be honest. People hate change. Or number 2, he simply wasn't up to the job.
  11. It was probably a case of improving the squad with free transfers or sell before you buy. Especially in these times and not qualifying for the Champs League. Also our enemies are in the same boat. The scum would not have spent like they did if they hadn't sold first.
  12. HUDDERSFIELD chairman Phil Hodgkinson has revealed that Rangers paid NO upfront transfer fee for Juninho Bacuna - but could eventually stump up £2million in add-ons for the star. The Dutch star could make his full debut for the Ibrox club against St Johnstone tomorrow following his move prior to the closure of the transfer window - while he has also been added to the club's Europa League squad. Juninho Bacuna moved on from Huddersfield prior to the closure of the window And Hodgkinson has lifted the lid on the detail of the arrangement which saw Bacuna moved north on a two-year deal. While no money has yet changed hands, Huddersfield insist they will "at least" make back the £2m they paid to Dutch side Groningen for him in 2018. The increments will come in the way of appearance fees and a sell-on in any future transfer. Hodgkinson told Yorkshire Live : “With Juninho, we had interest from two or three clubs in the [January] window. “Rangers were interested in him back in January, they came back in and we ultimately did a deal where we didn’t get a transfer fee up front but we’ve actually done a really good deal. “It’s appearance-based, European-based, with a big sell-on, we’ve got a significant sell-on, where we will ultimately at least get our money back.” Five minutes with Gerrard convinced me we would bond well at Gers, says Wilson Rangers sporting director Ross Wilson hinted at the unusal arrangement at the time. He said: “The structure of this agreement in terms of the contract and transfer agreement works for us at this time. “I know that Juninho has been very focused on a new and exciting challenge and that’s certainly what he now has here at Rangers.”
  13. I agree. Its mad that we don't allow our pets to suffer but happily let humans suffer.
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