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  1. I think this sort of game is made for Jones. Sounds like they'll be open and his pace could exploit the spaces.
  2. I thought they changed the dates to summer time so it didn't impact the euro teams? Or is it a one off in Jan 22?
  3. I'm sure that's where he used to play. Well it was when I used to buy in FM back in the day before the scum bought him.
  4. I get the same impression. It gives him time to settle in a new team in another country.
  5. I get the feeling Garrard is taking it easy with him.
  6. I think he'll do well for us. There has been good signs that he will make a good contribution over the season.
  7. I just wish this was February and not October. I'm far too excited.
  8. What about for the whole season? It's only fair.
  9. For me that was an excellent result. 3 points, not out of 2nd gear so it won't of taken much out of the legs. Ready for Thursday now.
  10. This season we have been brilliant at controlling games. Although boring as fuck, I'm buzzing. 3 more points and it's been easy. We've managed to rotate the squad too and get 5 subs on. Roll on to Thursday!
  11. The ambition is ozzing out of this Livingston team. 2 nil down and still have 11 men behind the ball.
  12. The movement of the front 4 is great to see. Looks like we are play 4 2 3 1.
  13. He is all over the place. Left, right and centre. He is a great talent.
  14. "the fans will be screaming at the TV if we don't score in 15 mins" I don't think it'll take that long!
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