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  1. I'm interested in getting one or the other, but as a Rangers fan I don't know what game to go with. FIFA has the Scottish league - which I want, but i don't like it when the players look like crap. In PES, you can use photos for player faces I believe. So I'm interested to know how the Rangers players look on FIFA for PS3. Thanks, boys!
  2. Doesn't have online in Australia. lols..
  3. I'm interested. How do the rounds work? Do people get knocked out of the competition after each round or is there a best of 3 or something?
  4. Beauie


    You have done a really good job here. Though I find the render to be a funny one~!
  5. Beauie


    Search c4d renders in Google. I'm sure you will find something you like. Once you place them, change the modes and try messing around with the opacity. Even move them around if you have to. Press Ctrl+T, then use the mouse to kind of rotate it.
  6. I used to always make bigger stuff. I just like neat and tidy at the moment. I usually cut my own images. Thanks for the feedback, guys. It's appreciated.
  7. I like the thought of this. McGregor Whittaker Cullar Weir Papac Hemdani Thomson Ferguson Burke Boyd Naismith
  8. Hard to believe that he wouldn't be bloody despressed. He says whatever in interviews, but you can tell how badly he wants to be back in the side.
  9. They're all £32.99 each. http://www.uksoccershop.com/categories/401...qok962jovqpa9g0 I like the 56 one.
  10. Looking at the starting line-up, no I am not suprised. Burke and Naismith SHOULD be played. For a start they're two of the best players, they work their ass-es off every game. If I were Walter Smith, which I'm not, there is nobody else I would want in those wide roles. To have somebody else in those positions just sounds illogical to me. Novo works hard too, but there is just nobody else like these two young lads. May god bless them and may WE keep them~!
  11. I like the guy. It is a disgrace. To think that I'm a Rangers fan and then to hear that others Rangers fans are booing him, it's a disgrace. That's just not something I would expect.
  12. Beauie


    That's because I haven't. I'll post some banners now.
  13. Walter is doing a great job of rebuilding. I want Boyd to be played more. He has a fantastic record. He still scores when he plays, he still delivers. He's not somebody who has done well in the bast and now he's just plain shit. I don't think he's even in his prime yet. I think he deserves to be played and if were, I think we would be seeing some better results. Instead of having the 3 players in the middle, I'd have two and then have the third man behind the centre forward. McCulloch could be good in that role. You have Ferguson and Hemdani in that role, McCulloch just ahead of them. Then when Thomson comes back, he could play in that role or Ferguson or even Hemdani.
  14. Three games in a row McCulloch has been played in that centre forward position and nothing has happened. I hope by now they realize that nothing WILL happen. Not having Boyd or Naismith in the wide roles, I think is very silly. People call Boyd and Cousin lazy, but at least if there is a loose ball, they will be on it. At least they score bloody goals. McCulloch in that position, he does nothing. This just really frustrates me. If they wanted McCulloch and Novo up front, I would have had Naismith in Charlie's position. Something COULD happen then. This McCulloch situation is REALLY frustrating the hell out of me. Edit: Burke or Naismith, sorry.
  15. Beauie


    The render is not bad. If you cut that, very good. The background is yucky. Would have been better with just a plain blue or red background. The text isn't that great either, the fonts aren't nice fonts and they could have ben placed better. Finding the right spot to place text is really hard. I'm not good at it myself. I don't know what it is you're trying to make. I don't know if you're trying to make a wallpaper, if you want to make a banner or if you're just trying to learn how to do things. There is so much to Photoshop that I don't know what to tell you. If there were certain things you were wanting to do, then I could tell you how to do things. I would suggest downloading some new fonts. That can be done here. Once you download them, you will need to extract them to your 'Font' folder which is in the 'WINDOWS' folder in My Computer. Have a look at these Pixel2Life - TutorialsTutorial by Senthrax ~ Delta Vision ForumsGood-Tutorials ~ Photoshop & Flash TutorialsWikipedia: Graphics TutorialsGo Media - TutorialsIf you can learn one thing from one of them, that's good. Even if you don't do what the tutorial is telling you to, if you learn something - that's good. Here is a good tutorial that isn't too hard. http://img83.imageshack.us/my.php?image=st...tenglishjj1.png
  16. Beauie


    What is it that you want to learn how to do? If you don't know how to do anything, there isn't much sense in trying to do a tutorial until you have an idea of how to do things. If you like you can add me on MSN and I'll show you a few things.
  17. He's more of a defensive midfielder. He's done some nice through balls that have lead to goal. I love the way he makes the ball do the work. He's a smart player. I admire him.
  18. i hate having to spend hours on end playing cod4 on my tragic mess ...and the adrenaline rush that goes with it. :2g:
  19. He's an amazing player. Just works his ass off. I hope they would give Bremen a good amount of money for him.
  20. They need to work the back out and then they could use another play maker. I bought a Newcastle shirt with Christmas money and now I feel silly for buying it. It's not because they're losing, I like Newcastle because I have always found them exciting, they're not very exciting at all now.
  21. Thanks for that. I'll have to make my brother watch some gameplay videos. We can now find games in seconds, but my brother isn't happy with the patch. He keeps getting thrown into games with people all over the world. Yes it took ages to find a game before, but it was still people from Australia, New Zealand and sometimes Japan.
  22. Oh, thank you. They're not that cheap. Would be a good birthday present, but if you're going to pay that much, wouldn't you be better off buying Warhawk?
  23. You can also lose because somebody is playing with a certain team or because of a certain player. I play FIFA online and I can be better than the other person, but they beat me because they're playing with Arsenal or Manchester United. It can get very frustrating. I get back at people when I play as Lyon though ~ Juninho free kicks.
  24. We don't have a headset, but my brother wants one. It's his birthday on Tuesday and we were thinking of getting him one. What headset do you have?
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