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  1. Davie Cooper .would go to some games just to see cooper if he turned up we could have a good game if not it was a long day a bit like some of the games this season so far.
  2. No never met any one of them don't trust anyone now just want a winning team on the park get all this piss off the bords and press will f... Off
  3. Will do its to easy to give up now .the manky mob are loving this us at each others throat
  4. Your memory is piss mate l remember old John break a legs greig testimony in 1978 against a Scotland select per Argentina and the score was 5.0 only English man on the park was the ref:-)
  5. Just hope we don't get put up into the new league set up to help the sphell get there two leagues of twelve and they say that they had to help us out l for one will never go for that they can stick it where the sun never shines w.a.t.p
  6. I have liked the Chelsea and some other fans have other teams that they like from south of the border and we have had games against some of them in testimonials etc but with all the funds that that have not one has come forward to support us l will never give them another penny in the future it will as all stay in the family from now on w.a.t.p
  7. Yes Milan was good but that was more about the charity and not about the two teams but l take your point
  8. We have been front page news for all the wrong reasons and in need of help .and when you think of all the times that we have been asked to provide opposition for testimonial and preseason games .the only team to come forward was linfeld fc .l don't expect anything from the sphell and l know the sfl did give us a league to play in .but what have the rest done for us in our hour of need .l for one will never forget or forgive any of them
  9. My condolences to family and friends this is a very strange year for the club but nothing can come close to what you are going through just now
  10. never in a year of sundays will i take anyone of the walkers back .made there bed hope they burn init . not one a real rangers man.it turns my insides out to think of them .hope they dont darking our door way ever again
  11. Top post could not have put it any better .then now forever onwards and up words
  12. working that day but will change it for the bears will use a hoilday for it .its the least i can do for the bears w.a.t.p.
  13. never fifty to young looking looks like my age 40
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