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  1. McGregor is a winner and a vocal goalkeeper who is still performing at a high level. Could not give a flying f*ck what went before if he gets us closer to winning the title again. It is a great signing and he will make Foderingham look like the average pish player he is. Keep Alnwick and cash in on Fod and use that for a CB then it is a wonderful strategy/piece of business.
  2. I wasn't sure if he was there for Walters second stint? I agree, we need a similar type of player/mentality when looking at the moment to be honest and I feel we are going in the right direction again.
  3. Whoever was scouting for us during this period done a good job overall with what was available.
  4. Cheers mate. I had a look online and I think this year is season ticket only? At least the dates mentioned in the article are 2018. Slightly disappointing as you would hope any previous history/points would be considered before whether geographically you can have a season ticket or not. Edit: https://Rangers.co.uk/fans/help-faqs/travel-club/ - for anyone else who might be interested.
  5. I haven't been in the travel club in years, obviously nobody has in a sense. I am no longer a season ticket holder either as i live down south. Is there anyway to join on this basis for the upcoming season or is it a waste of time?
  6. Here's hoping mate. Was gutted when the Bournemouth friendly got cancelled few years back.
  7. Expected a lot more. How he has so many caps for Scotland is beyond me, truly awful defender. Be glad to see the back of him and 100% no deal will be offered. We need 3 high quality centre backs.
  8. Why does Foderingham even bother entertaining it. He is another fucking overrated pile of shite. I couldnt care less if they are on holiday with Neil Lennon, just be glad when all this overpaid underachieving shite is finally gutted out of our club. Hope Gerrard has the funds and brains to cash in on these poofs and replace them with players befitting of the jersey.
  9. This is embarassing honestly. Who cares what they do, if it's not in our hands to even finish 2nd in a league then we deserve everything we get. Once we start beating the mhanks and being more consistent it wont be an issue.
  10. Yep could be a good shout. As long as get a good squad together it wont be anything but a positive.
  11. Tav is the least of our worries and will be here next year. Not a captain and wont be next season but a good player on his day and has been a positive this season. I just hope with a better group if players around he goes up a level again and cuts out the inconsistencies.
  12. Came on to post exactly this. Gerrards first competitive game no doubt with new look squad,the money will be more than made back. If its a positive result then the feel good factor with players, Stevie G and support carries into start of season.
  13. Aye lets bring back a guy who we have loaned to Wimbledon, that will win us the league. He’s nowhere near good enough and because he has more technical ability than guys like Holt shouldnt mean “theres a player in there” We continue to accept mediocre pish then we deserve everything we get.
  14. You are jumping the gun, he mentioned that he would need 8 or 9 more actually, certainly more than saying 3/4 or whatever it was. Who cares what he thinks anyway as he wont be here next season. Not doubting hes a Rangers man but its a car crash that we got to him, brung in as Murtys assistant and contributed fuckall. Didnt even know Ross McCrorie could play midfield - that one is still bemusing. In his defence though i agree that he is just trying to keep things ticking over and probably as mentioned in the thread knows deep down the team are pish but he cant exactly say it can he. Maybe in private but not at a press conference.
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