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  1. Good news is that I'm pretty sure I saw Ross McCrorie in Silverburn Tesco a couple of hours ago with his bird so he's all good..
  2. Totally do not agree with any of them hanging around with that wee wank, especially after what he did to Rossiter yesterday. However, our players hanging around with theirs has happened for years, it's just been documented more in recent times due to social media. A guy I know works in a club in town and says Cummings and a couple of the others sometimes come in with their players and seem like the best of pals (also says Scott Brown occasionally comes in and is a total wank, even to their fans, but that's no surprise). The only ones that really give a fuck about the whole "us v th
  3. Guy I work with's wee sister lives above them and says there's a surprising lack of parties at their gaff. Saw they were out in The Shed the other night though so they probably have a very strange perception of nightlife in Glasgow.
  4. I've spoken a couple of times about my mate having dealings with a few of the foreign boys. Sounds like they have made a wee bit of a family here. Some may call it a clique but I'm sure we'd all probably latch onto the only others in the squad that spoke our mother tongue if we had moved to Portugal or wherever. They also have a lot in common with all having made the move over here and, as far as I'm concerned, so long as they aren't isolating themselves from the rest of the squad, it can only do some good to have them all enjoying their time here.
  5. I won't say how but my mate has dealings with a few of the foreign guys and mentioned that the one he was speaking to yesterday (just after the news had came out about Pedro) seemed in really high spirits. He didn't want to ask any questions but said it was strange how happy he seemed.
  6. Apparently Edu and a few others used to live in my building. There's a few belting flats in my building so guessing his flat was a lot nicer than mine!
  7. Sat up there a couple of times recently and it's more the lack of leg room that's a pain in the arse. View isn't perhaps as bad as some have made out but it's certainly no GR4.
  8. Can't believe we signed Jamie Walker just to leave him on the bench for the u17s. Pedro oot!
  9. I think we're all missing the most important part here in that the OP is sitting reading match reports from the 90s.
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