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  1. Jesus I have a half decent week and i get kicked out of the league! Bit harsh
  2. MOTM tonight and he thoroughly deserved it! Hopefully he will keep this form up and become a vital player for us! Just shows you the talent was always there he must have just lacked confidence.
  3. Both that czech player and the ref are both cheating cunts! Absolutely gutted!
  4. Thats the team that i was expecting, should be more than good enough to get the job done!!
  5. All our players look fucked yet no subs???? Get Wylde on with his pace he could cause some damage here!
  6. Credit where its due as well, it was a great pass by Edu out to Broadfoot to start the move off!
  7. Can't blame Ally for us losing this tie, we looked as if we'd smash them until Whittaker lost his head. The blame for tonight lies solely at the door of Steven Whittaker, for being responsible for us losing the goal in the first leg and for being a complete twat tonight! Other things outside Allys control went against us too like Boogie getting (harshly imo) sent off, their player not getting sent off and dare I say it our 4 million pound striker missing a chance even I could have put away! Ally needs time to be able to get the right players in and get them playing the way he wants them to so I'm prepared to give him that time. A legend like Ally deserves that i think.
  8. From the bbc 1313: FOOTBALL - Rangers boss Ally McCoist has confirmed they have agreed a fee with Palermo for Dorin Goian. The Romanian is having a medical in Glasgow and could complete his move to the Scottish Champions in the next few hours. Looks pretty much done then
  9. This is my personal favourite. What a goal by Rangers! Magnificent Stuff!
  10. "I'll go to watch Rangers as a fan. But it's not right for me to be hanging around the club when there is new people there. I'll go as a supporter. I'll be buying season-tickets, four of them actually. I will be investing in the team." I love Walter Smith!!!
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