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  1. Could not believe why any team would pay that amount for a full back who cannot defend, cross and has no final ball. The only answer I came up with was money laundering.
  2. The highest number testing positive is the 25 to 44 year olds. 18 to 24 third highest so to be safe it would be best to only allow my age group 70 to 75 prioritising those who are 71 and living in Falkirk just to make sure that I am there, surely that is fair?
  3. Me too, I would love Hamilton to go down and Killie blowing the play off to go down as well.
  4. I would far prefer playing a natural right back but nowadays what is a right back? They can be wingers, failed wingers, central defenders, some here wanting midfielders to fill in. Tav has been pilloried here for defensive frailties whenever we lose a goal so maybe Balogun is the best option to fill in; reasonable pace,height and has defensive qualities while, as seen tonight, is able and willing to go forward. Certainly, for me, a better bet than a youngster who has proved he is not mature enough to be a professional footballer or an injury prone midfielder.
  5. We won the majority of 9 in a row with central defenders playing right back.
  6. Yes, obviously not ready to be a professional footballer.He must surely have thought that because of the stage of the season he would get a start through injury or suspension situations so why jeopardise the chance.
  7. Calf can be weeks or months depending on the severity and his history does not make it look promising.
  8. Jeez, I thought it was my black and red socks so now I do not have to worry about them disintegrating. Make sure she gets to watch all the games.
  9. Think the ref has been poor for us but if our player was caught as clearly as that in the box we would be screaming for a penalty. Shoddy from Davis and yet another goal lost towards the end of a half.
  10. As bizarre as playing 3 at the back with no preparation.
  11. Questions are answered now? Times have changed!
  12. Basically the team has given up on the high press, given up on closing when losing the ball. The number of times yesterday Hamilton players were allowed to run unopposed with the ball was alarming. It is strikingly similar to post Dubai, lack of tempo, lack of effort, lack of pride. I would have thought the possibility of winning the title at Scumdome would have been an incentive to push on but maybe it is just us fans would think that.
  13. Yes it was these 29 minutes I was talking about not his future or potential in our team. I did not see the star quality today that some seemed to see.
  14. Must have missed how well he seems to have played, to me he was much the same as the others; a couple of nice touches, shirked responsibility by chickening out of shooting. Too little time to judge how he will turn out and hope that playing with better players will bring him on.
  15. I thought he looked bang average and did as little as the rest.
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