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  1. Just a different attitude with more intensity, effort, consistency, faster tempo and better composure last season. This season reminds me of post Dubai in the previous seasons.
  2. Do you not think that he and the rest of the defence are being tested this season because there is no press from midfield and forwards where last season they strolled games because we dominated games by not allowing opposition posssession and quickly won the ball back when we lost it?
  3. I would have said the extra 5 touches which makes forwards runs futile and enables opposition defences time to set the block. Pre covid, post Dubai play.
  4. Kept their mouths shut, did the drills and after they got the badges did their own thing and ignored the nonsense from Largs.
  5. Getting 3rd jab on Monday, looking forward to an announcement of fast track entry to games.
  6. Last season we were lucky with having few injuries and consistent selections. We could bring on Arfield for his 5 or 6 good games a season, feed in Hagi, Defoe and Itten who all contributed goals. This season there has been bizarre changes of keepers and central defenders, COVID losses and has shown how poor our recruitment has been in the last 2 windows. However, the lack of tempo, intensity and ability to control games is frightening.
  7. Yes that became the spin but as we see now that is being ignored in the rush to vaccinate the younger age groups.
  8. It was originally advised to be 3 weeks then it was realised that vaccines were not arriving quickly enough( shortage of vials) and suddenly became 12 weeks.
  9. Lundstram played in a team who rarely had ball possession and whose ambition was to hold out for 90 minutes hoping to scrape a goal from set plays. He like Jones and MOH was a bizarre signing not suited to our style of play.
  10. Are turnstiles going to be manned again or will Rangers have to reprogram the smart card readers?
  11. When teams play at a decent tempo the crowd reacts and creates atmosphere. When a team plays at walking pace, as we did last night, it is hard to get at all enthused and no matter how the crowd reacts if the players are not prepared to up their effort we are not going to get a noisy Ibrox.
  12. Completely agree, it is like watching our January 2020 side. Slow and predictable with too many touches. Teams have so much time to get their players set up to defend but now have time to take the ball off us and seem to have time and space to hurt us. Our players struggle to make accurate passes at our walking pace tempo whereas last season teams could not cope with our fast passing and movement through the middle.
  13. I have never rated McLaughlin or felt confident when he plays. I do not think his reactions or decision making is anywhere near that of McGregor.
  14. Tempo was too slow for most of the game and as a result our passing was off and St Johnstone were able to break up our attacks.There was an improvement in the second half but still not reaching the levels we should.
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