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  1. Our players have to keep focused; we are 1 point better off than this point last season.Our downfall for the past couple of seasons is the points lost to teams near the bottom of the table.
  2. After the game I felt it was a bit of an anti climax. Thought maybe because it was so easy without any real threat from them. Realise now that the empty stadium meant we could not see scum fans reaction to their toothless capitulation.
  3. People need to remember that Wallace and most who joined him in the lower leagues made more money than they could ever dreamed of playing with us. Wallace, at the time, did not want to leave home and no other team in Scotland would pay anywhere near his wages. Average player in SPL, stood out in Division 1 and 2, struggled like everyone else in the championship and his last good season was part of the following year before struggling in the top division. Seemed a nice guy but he got more from us than he gave us when the going got tough.
  4. The reality is that over the last couple of years the difference is that we tend to drop stupid points against teams near the bottom of the league while they have the killer instinct. Head to head is not the problem it is our attitude and mentality.
  5. If the legs are fine and players are not injured play our strongest team; I would not rest players to help their national teams.
  6. True but the ratio of deaths, hospital admissions and intensive care patients to positive cases strongly suggests this is the case. The worrying thing for me is that 7/8 months in we do not really know if antibodies are being created which prevents re infection, does the virus really live on hard surfaces, have masks and the restrictions really been effective? IF the virus is weaker,and IF it creates antibodies which prevents re infection there are theories that July to September would have been the time to loosen restrictions and allow gatherings and crowds. There are questions
  7. Firstly there will never be a cure for a coronavirus, vaccines for the “ normal flu viruses” are guesswork a mixture of flu strains are targeted each year, sometimes it works, sometimes the strain is weak and comes to nothing and the vaccine is hailed as a success. The vaccine is purely a gamble to try to prevent or mitigate the effects of the virus. Last winters vaccines were, I believe ineffective as there was a larger number than normal deaths from flu throughout Europe over the winter months with the virus affecting the respiratory system. COVID 19 then arrived and mutated from a very fast
  8. Watched some of his games with us and although at the time I thought he was class the number of times big Marvin got him out of trouble showed a different side.
  9. True, I heard McKay was more than just an agent some sort of share in players as well. At that time he was more like scout and go to agent for us.
  10. "We do not need Rangers, we will be better without them" was that not the mantra in 2012? Then we gave the lower league clubs many years of extra income for the next 4 years through extra gate receipts from our support and tv money. This year we were repaid by the blanking or non backing of our complaints about the spfl. They obviously still do not need us or our money.
  11. Copying antics of supporters of a little Dutch team,tagging outside a ground,congregating outside a ground, setting off fireworks in bright sunshine seems moronic and certainly would have no influence in supporting Rangers. Daft kids who do these antics as a way to draw attention for themselves not as a way to support the team is how I regard them. As others have said we have all done stupid things in our youth and later on as well.
  12. Funny how opinions differ; I do not trust McLaughlin at crosses because I feel he has flapped at them and letting a shot go through his legs at the weekend is not what I expect from a Rangers keeper.
  13. I missed that one because my daughter was struggling with the sun and I was just paying for warm flat Coca Cola at the Kiosk when I heard the roar.
  14. The lack of passion from Gerrard annoys me as much as his tactics and selections. I do not like managers who spend most of the game hunched in the dugout or standing trying to influence the game with looks or some sort of silent mind message. I wish he had brought in an experienced hardened assistant rather than one who has failed in his management and coaching posts. We have one less point compared to last season where we had lost to celtic so arguably we could be 4 points worse off if we lose to them in a few weeks. Despite the backslapping over clean sheets we really have not made any progr
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