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  1. No I'm a contractor, so put my reg in the system earlier in the day. 😂
  2. Took me 90 mins to get out of there after the Malmö game. Absolute chaos.
  3. I had to click the drop down menu on the right for tickets then home matches
  4. Hopefully the rest of the squad is intact, and Real Madrid still travel. Shame he won't be there though (assuming he was meant to be coming)
  5. I laughed when celtic appointed Wim Jansen, so I'm keeping my powder dry on this one. Once bitten and all that.
  6. The last time I ever spoke to my dad about Rangers was on the first day of the season. He was utterly convinced we'd stop them doing 10. He passed away 4 days later. Once we win it, I'm going straight over to Westburn cemetery. I'm gonna share it with him.
  7. If it transpires that next season's champions go straight into the CL groups, then I reckon they'd spend big on a manager for sure.
  8. I've been wanting to get the navy hoody and black travel jacket but it's been out of stock online for ages. Anyone been into the store lately and know what availability is like on items like that?
  9. Get in line mate as I'm Aaron A. Aardvark Viz Loyal
  10. That summer was a scorcher too mate. Nothing but good memories. Loved it.
  11. Have you confirmed that will go ahead now mate? Do they usually do tours on the morning of a game?
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