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  1. Just wondering because I knew McMurdo & Smith had done a night in there and know someone who was at it, but wasn't sure if they had done other nights elsewhere together.
  2. I know he stays nearby and I know 'once a Ranger, always Ranger', but that was just bonkers.
  3. If we hadn't signed McGregor I'd say Bougherra & Zaliukas would possibly be a very strong partnership, but with us having signed McGregor already, if we now sign Zaliukas too then that will be it for central defenders coming in.
  4. Rest in peace sir. You will be genuinely missed.
  5. We need a hell of a lot of changes, but there's no way all of the changes required ahead of our top flight return will happen this summer.
  6. I don't think we'll see Simonsen play for us again after that performance yesterday. Bombscare of a goalkeeper not helped by a bombscare of a back line.
  7. We'll win by at least a couple of goals.
  8. The wee fat bloke on the left with his arm raised has a tash. The guy crouched down on the right is wearing Chino shorts and Plimsoles. One of the muppets at the back is making a peace symbol with his fingers. You could keep going with these clowns, but that's enough.
  9. You don't need me to go out and find a list of names for you because Scottish football is heaving with managers no better, but worse than Ally and I think you probably know it. That's the only issue I would have with Ally being sacked or forced out, is that I would be expecting his replacement to be a very noticeable and significant step up and ugrade, otherwise it would serve very little purpose.
  10. I didn't have a pointless dig at the board at all and your question about McCoist just seems daft, so you're not making much sense to me.
  11. I think we should win it with Ally, yes. It'll definitely be a fair bit tougher than this season, but we should still win it with room to spare. There's never any guarantees though, just as we wouldn't be guaranteed to win it with a new manager either. All I'm saying is that I would be even more unhappy than I am at the moment if Ally get's forced out and the folk running our Club replace him with someone who isn't any better or is even worse.
  12. I was shocked and speachless, but not angry at anything other than the referee. I know I'll feel real seething anger if we force Ally out only for him to replaced by a worse manager who doesn't win the Championship next season.
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