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  1. ROSSM1


    Ill be there, BF5 as usual
  2. Going to be a good night, would be good if people who are on the waiting list to join next season could get along to this, get to meet some members of the group and get to know people.
  3. I always used to think that everybody signed up to away games always got 1 ticket for a game post split, some people have had emails but I've not had anything.
  4. 4 or 5 usually if I can remember correctly.
  5. Take it your not very good with girls then. Sorry mate I had to.
  6. ROSSM1


    you need to lay off the drink R&A
  7. What a final day this has turned out to be.
  8. Probably the best idea actually, or you will be taking peoples eyes out
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