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  1. Getting the 15.21 train. Think it gets in just after half 5? straight to the northern bar aye?
  2. Thursday you mean...although Wednesday night will be epic as per...sash bash here we come
  3. Diouf's a complete cunt...but a good footballer lets tear these tims apart
  4. played the course last year and its unbelievably good! amazing views and some of the tee shots like from the top of the hill at the 1st and 10th are awesome. every holes like hidden away from others, so you cant really see anyone else on the course when your playing. just live up the road from it so cant wait!
  5. gordons bar was very epic ...especially "build my gallows" will be there for the sash bash in lisbon...canna wait
  6. according to this site no... http://www.livesportontv.com/football/ hibs vs ayr united though! wooo
  7. 30 millions a bargain! he's got a better left foot than zidane after all
  8. fantastic goalie...loves the club. video sums him up...
  9. goodwillie tho...so hope we sign him
  10. mainly just a lurkur man...enjoy the forum and thought id start a thread. very sorry for spoiling your night
  11. ahhh the low post count arguement...as i stated "ive always wondered"... was just a thought...no need to get personal
  12. haha well i'd chip in my £7 an hour wage for him
  13. I've always wondered this...but to raise funds for contracts and new players...why dont we have a fund where every rangers fan can put money in? for example every fan gives £5? theres loads of fans out there...could raise millions.
  14. good at going forward and skillful...but a bit inconsistent when defending. He did show that he can defend against man ure at old trafford.
  15. 1.bellamy for me 2.davis on a lifetime deal 3.big weir
  16. pols59

    Go to 5:47

    brilliant...good memories "he said no thanks..."
  17. naismiths been played outa position......Boys got talent. just needs to be played in the right position
  18. quality interview...wouldnt cross walter.
  19. pols59


    haha the white john barnes must stay
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