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  1. Fellow Bears Going to St Andrews now so selling 6 tickets, good seats! Saturday 18th July Block 229 Row Q Face Value is £100 but selling for £80. Post or Meet Up
  2. I cant believe that people are actually satisfied to sit and watch that garbage. We are playing against players who work at Asda, we should look like Barca against them.
  3. Sureley Ally must see that instead of us passing it short and keeping the ball were just hitting up to the oppositions defenders. it is so bad to watch.
  4. Wallace seems to be running in a straight line into a Killie player or crossing it to knowone
  5. Yellow imo, but why are we playing a Natural CB whos now LB at LW!
  6. Your right, read the headline wrong!
  7. Didnt see this on the forum. Another trialist! http://www.sounderatheart.com/2012/1/23/2728971/jamael-cox-glasgow-rangers-darwin-jones-sounders-trialists After that I said 'I know that he can compete at least. Let me look at another option.' I have a great contact with Rangers of Glasgow. Basically I submitted his information and talked to my contact over there. They just came back to me and said 'We'll take a look.' And I asked when they want to see him. So I sent him over and he's been there a week now. So far so good. They have a big training game with reserve players, first-team players an
  8. Cheers for the replies, big help. I seen everyones going to Jacksons for old firm on facebook, will def be going there. Im living in a hostel next to Central train station and i think Madison Hotel is showing it tonight, probs go there.
  9. Living in Sydney now and looking for best place to watch Gers game. Looking for somewhere near George Street or near the city centre, finding it hard as theres loads of irish bars and the Cheers pub is a Celtic supporters club! Been on Blusenosebars but they all seem a bit out the city. Anyone help?
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