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  1. obviously i'm going to stop using the word 'cunt' as i'd forgotten how bad that is taken in Scotland. I've been living in London for 35 years so picked up some bad habits. Apologies all round and for calling Mr McCoist that,it was wrong. Still think he's a shit manager though.
  2. I can only speak from personal experience.As i said previously,my language may have been too strong.Different meaning down here in England.As a tv celebrity he's up there with the best of them (cant think of one though) but as a manager he's shite.Slagging him off as a person doesn't make him a bad footballer,but being a good footballer doesn't make you a good manager.If you can't see the team has been getting worse over the season then i hope you enjoy more of the same next season.
  3. yea you're right i should have just started a post saying McCoists a cunt and that his free share-holding has no effect on his behaviour.
  4. i suppose should say thanks for benefit of the doubt.My post is 100% truth and I admit I don't like the guy.My language was probably too strong and i apologise again for any insult caused.In London 'cunt isn't as bad as it is in Scotland.Probably because there are a lot more of them here.Anyway no offence intended to fellow bears,just spouting off a bit through frustration.
  5. This is a cut and paste so might not look right. A lot of people seem to think that being an average (skilled) footballer with a pretty face,who 'loves' Rangers is enough for us to back AM to the hilt. Well shock,horror! I've never liked the man. He is and always has been an arrogant bastard. Back in the 'old days' when we had no real training ground. The team used to ride around Bella Park on mountain bikes The speed they rode at was a clear danger to the public,which i found out when walking there one day with my 3 year old son. This event was over 20 years ago but it's always stuck in my mind as my son was on the outside as the bikes whizzed by,narrowly missing my toddler son. The most shocking thing though was as i turned,'because of the noise' i had to grab my son out of the way of a group of cyclists of which McCoist was in the lead and shouted 'get the fuck out the way' or similar. Some years later i was at Ibrox with an old friend of my dads,his name begins with K©. Everyone in the 'Wine Alley'/Govan/Ibrox/KP knew him. Magic guy,sadly gone now. Anyway he knew Walter and all the players,got my son Walter's tie at the 9 in a row celebrations at Ibrox. Through K© my son had a free tour,took pics with Gazza(in his wacky suit),Brown,Miller(who was showing his betting slip?) Laudrup,McClaren,Bo Anderson and more. Mr McCoist wouldn't pose for two seconds and not only that when asked he was nasty in his reply. It was a shock to my son and to me because later Walter Smith turned up and posed happily with my son and me for a pic. This is not a 'let's attack McCoist' post. I'm giving my true interactions with the man and i found him to be an arrogant cunt. Had he hit my son with his bike as he whizzed past him in Bella Park,he wouldn't be managing Rangers now I can assure you of that.
  6. Definition of HAND- WRINGING : an overwrought expression of concern or guilt. 1. physical expression of concern, distress, or guilt 2. the nervous grasping or squeezing of the hands as a sign of these feelings of willingness to appease others. All joking aside,i cant imagine any of us want to go back to the 'dignified silence' era and secret deals with Sheltic. I'm really dis-heartened that Green has gone because i thought he was the type of guy we needed to clear out the 'old pals'. Anyway cheers lads was just having a bit of fun but think a few of you are really suspect btw. The suspect ones always answer shit posts. IAR
  7. should have named this thread 'guess what Ian Durrant does'
  8. replies1) i always attack hand-wringers because they want to 'come to agreements' and 'appeasement'.2) granted my use of 'immigrant bastards' was wrong and could have been deemed racist.I apologise for stating that on a Rangers Media forum.At the time i was thinking about a certain group from my childhood area.3) good for you4)thanks,are you are trained psychologist or is it just a hobby?5) i was lookin for phone sex.
  9. thanks mates for proving who Mr Gough is. Odd that he would ask me my i'm calling him Mr Gough then pretend he forgot his own name. Far be it for me to cast suspicion on Mr Gough or whatever the fuck he calls himself but if you can't remember your own fucking name you're suspect and stick your post count. It means fuck all.
  10. Ah, Mr Gough,again attacking one of my posts. Let's see my lasts posts have been about 'immigrant bastards' who are trying to turn Scotland into a Irish Republic mark 2. My support of Mr Green (for saving our club). And apart from a few drunken non-sectarian rants. There is absolutely nothing in my posts that are negative about our/my club. Please feel free to pm me anytime you want and we can chat on the phone.
  11. was it really worth the effort of typing that out?
  12. fuck i'm sorry i stared this thread now.What's wrong with you guys,fucking seriously why you all turning on each other?. So much distrust on this site i think admin maybe should think about verification in some way or other to stop this in-fighting and dis-trust between us. Admin are welcome to pm me for my land-line number and address. I have nothing to hide.
  13. I respect your opinion and you may be right.I'm just giving my opinion.
  14. i've seen posts asking what a 'hand-wringer' is,and must admit i always suspect they are started by one of them. So i'll nail my bollocks to the mast,as a life long Gers supporter(if you want pm me),and say as far as i'm concerned they are people who would 'reach agreement' with our enemies and say it was in the best interests of Scottish football. They also think we should go back to the 'dignified silence' days and 'not sink to their level'. We,as a football club,religion,traditions etc are under a sustained attack. See my previous posts attacked by 'hand-wringers'. Does anyone on Rangers Media really think that our club is not under attack because it's the most prominent symbol of Unification and the Protestant faith. I mean no disrepect to other faiths or supporter of my club,but maybe Ibrox has become our sort of Mecca (no disrespect intended).
  15. it's more and more like we're going back to the 'good old days' of dignified silence and 'we want to be in your club'. As soon as there are any confirmed inter-actions or agreements with those bastards who tried to destroy us,by any-one at Rangers then they should be sacked.
  16. Sectarian row chief married to Celtic fan Published: 16 April 2011 The head of the anti-racism watchdog that has provided evidence of sectarianism which could lead to Rangers having to shut Ibrox for European ties is married to an ardent Celtic fan, it has been revealed. Piara Powar, the executive director of the Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) network, is the husband of Aasmah Mir, the BBC broadcaster who has described herself as an enthusiastic Celtic supporter. Last week, Powar was forced to defend his organisation against claims that an orchestrated campaign had been waged against Rangers, which had resulted in the charges of sectarian singing being brought against the Ibrox club. It has now emerged that Powar's Glaswegian wife has been reported as declaring herself "passionate" about Rangers' Old Firm rivals, Celtic. And in a past interview, Mir, a presenter on BBC Radio 5 live Drive who was brought up in Bearsden, has been quoted as saying that she could "never" support Rangers, because she remembered men in the club's shirts handing out BNP leaflets when she was at school'. This is a 'doctored' version of her interview. In the original she was simply asked what team do you support? A simple name of said team would have seemed the obvious answer,but no, she chooses to give her 'reasons' why she could never support Rangers. No explanation of why Partick Thistle were given the elbow. I have checked on-line Scottish news records and can find no mention of any such incident. She offers no evidence to support her claim. I suggest that two men in Rangers tops handing out BNP leaflets outside a school would have been newsworthy. What is happening to us now is not new,it's just worse. It's a creeping disease that has been going on for many years. Some just refuse to accept it,still.
  17. fantastic work guys and i for one never even knew he was buried there. Slightly mixed feelings about why our club never thought to do this and why it was left to a fan to track down another 'pioneer's' unmarked grave in Lincoln. Isn't it about time there was a campaign to have a statue of 'four boys and a ball/the founding fathers' placed at Ibrox?
  18. might be slightly biased here but almost every guy i've seen in London with a sheltic top on is fat as fuck. Is it a psychological thing about potato shortages or is it just because their lazy fat bastards? I was cycling through Walton-on-Thames,Saturday and saw a huge fat bastard in a sheltic away top walking towards me,with his wife/sister beside him. He looked proud as fuck in his 'bumblebee' top until I raised my fist and shouted 'C'mon the Gers' as i cycled(slowly) past him and his daughter/wife. As I continued on I thought 'imagine seeing a big fat cunt in a sheltic top in Walton-on-Thames,then I realised he probably thought 'what's the odds of meeting a fuckin Rangers supporter in Walton-on-Thames'.
  19. the more 'guests' there are on a topic just confirms how obsessed they are with The Rangers. Count the sad bastards and laugh! (discounting gen who can't be arsed to sign in of course).
  20. good scouting or not how are we supposed to eventually compete with a team that spends around 60% of revenue on it's squad wages, when CG is limiting Rangers to 33% ? That seems unrealistic,or is that a temporary figure?
  21. @Gaz92 what was the point in your post? I made a thread on the hatred and treatment of Rangers and you come back with a personal attack which has absolutely nothing to do with the thread. 'swings and roundabouts' what the fuck you talking about? Would c****c have been hounded like we have? And don't get on your high horse,i'm married to an 'immigrant'.
  22. @getstiffed (can't quote you for some reason) I said 'it seems'. According to the media and every cunt on the internet we are hated my the majority of people in Scotland. I was being a bit tongue-cheek and pointing out that with our home gates this season,it's obviously shite. But my point about the media campaign and an agenda by certain people remains.
  23. so you're saying Rangers have been treated like any other club?You see no obvious agenda by certain people of a specific religious group?You see no conflict of interest or agenda in Rod McKenzie and HM investigating us?You see no agenda in the continuing media assault on our club?I speak from my own experiences growing up in Glasgow,not from a bigotted stance.
  24. All true and that was my point.The last year has actually made me even more proud of being a Bear.The size of our home crowds is absolutely amazing.Man U in English D3 wouldn't get our crowds.Fucking awesome!
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