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  1. thats good(Y) change the last line to "the rangers number ??" n weev got a hit:P
  2. ricardo fuller... hes a topper.. ive always rated him tbh seems to be a proven premier league goalscorer so i doubt we could afford him
  3. Macheda:D looks like he would be a topper of a loan signing if it goes through. looks good on the ball everytime ive seen him. scored a few goals too. not to sure if possebon would get a game tho. edu thompson and mendes... possibly even davis all will contend a place next year
  4. Charlie Adam wont play. even though the season is over for blackpool and he is back up in scotland with us, hes still contracted to them untill the 4th june, when the summer holidays kick in for all the players. im sure theres a thread on this somewhere with the interview with him and he says hes gutted he cannae play.
  5. heard that papac is a serious doubt so I would go with :alexander: :whittaker: :bougherra: :weir: :ssmith: :davis: :edu: :mendes: :lafferty: :miller: :boyd:
  6. u sure we need another FAT BASTARD in the team:P lol whittaker will come good once he gets a long run-n
  7. ment to put in centre back:P
  8. Not to sure if Davie Weir is retiring this year but if he is Lee wallace would be a replacement meaning that Papac can move into center back and letting Wallace play left back. Although with stevie smith coming back would it be a pointless signing. Imo Wallace has been one of the best youth performers of the season in the spl. What you guys think?
  9. I hope not, two bears from my RSC are going along. do you know how much it costs? ye would be doin a bear a favour if you could find out
  10. is it a closed door game? is that what you mean or do you just mean sellic cannae go to watch? haha well confused
  11. Anyway to buy a ticket and how much is it? please hurry in a reply it starts in an hour:P
  12. deffinetlyP 4k a week id jump to play for anyone. should aberdeen signed me tho, i would purposly play shit in training so i dont get played:)) hate theyre shitty fans and there songs againdt us:@ but id easily play for hibs. i quite them, they play decent football too, only when its not against us tho lol
  13. If he was fit i would play Novo. Fleck and Aaron are to slight. Both are class players but they lack the strength. Novo for some reason never really gets flung off the ball. Must be built like a tank lol. IMO i think smith will probably play lafferty tho. With miller upfront on his own(N)
  14. shall be goin to the local with a few of the lads. Croft bar in paisley, hopefully itll be a better atmos as the last old firm
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