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  1. Anyone got ps4 and maxed fancy dark zone? Been trying to do dark zone by myself but keep getting mauled
  2. Couldn't get an away ticket so got a home ticket,and just got thrown out for celebrating Rangers goals, so got thrown out, is that allowed?
  3. what was the card display? i couldn't see it as i was in broomy , anyone got photos?
  4. stewards of police dinny have a clue , when they cuffed him and taking him off the park , they walked on the pitch across the goals aswell
  5. Need to realise the long balls up to boyd never work, slack at the back, no pace upfront , poor performance
  6. Anyone help? Looking to buy 2 tickets for the game on Friday
  7. BluenoseGaz

    Fifa UT

    i didn't even have to recover my gamertag when i went on today so how are they doing it
  8. BluenoseGaz

    Fifa UT

    seriously? how do i make that not happen?
  9. BluenoseGaz

    Fifa UT

    started UT ages ago and had a descent team didn't play it for a while and went back on and all my players are gone , anyway spent £20 on microsoft points last night and bought packs and got descent players , casillas , arshavin , pedro etc.... put them all on trade last night , and went on today and there all gone? how can i make this not happen
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