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  1. Johnny letham, the guy who murdered her, shared the page of her missing, disgusting
  2. Cunt! missed motd , heard man u could have got beaten at least 4-2 by norwich
  3. I was pulled over by the police earlier, the officer asked , "have you had anything to drink tonight sir?".. "yes officer" i replied, " i went to a friends house n we sank a 24pack of lager, we then ventured onto the pub where we must of had easily another 4 pints and a few whisky chasers, then we popped back to his n had another few cans" "do you mind stepping out of the vehicle for a breathaliser please sir?" asked the officer "why?" i replied "don't you fucking believe me?"
  4. Haha whits programmes that Edit: doesny matter just seen it on the vid name
  5. Got these bad boys and when a went home to use them I realised i'd ran out of xbox live , need to wait till next friday to use them
  6. Fucksake this year is flying bye , where is the time going!
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