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  1. Keep this team for the next game
  2. I’m surprised Middleton doesn’t get on more at 60/70 minutes when we can see games like this are dead
  3. Fucking into them. Couldnae make this shit up. Our clubs hated to the core. Can’t wait for 55
  4. I used to think he was smug, but now he’s a sound cunt
  5. Wasn’t number 12 recent for the fans?
  6. Any idea why, I thought 13 was retired for the Ibrox disaster?
  7. Hope they make us an orange shirt
  8. I’m glad he had a go at Murty after that performance in the semi final
  9. Did Celtic count WW2 titles? I think it's daft but I do agree the players who did win them should be giving some sort of credit.
  10. 2 of my mates got sent out shirts today. You'd think the megastore could just get stock from SD shops
  11. Couldn't get 2 tickets together but got 2 single tickets in near the Union Bears. Buzzing!
  12. I've more faith in Kenny Miller being on the park and calling the shots
  13. Guessing non season ticket holders can't join?
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