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  1. His interpretation of the game is embarrassing. Someone does something bad - bad player. Someone does something good - good player - until he does something bad - then a bad player again.
  2. Roy Keane - "Who knows why Holberg is taking a penalty?!" Probably because he's second inline ya daft cunt. He didn't win the chance to do so on a fucking radio station.
  3. Linekar should have told them to shove that line up their arse.
  4. No way in a million years can Dr's tell that someone is going to be ok after having to be resuscitated within an hour. You can have a bleed in the brain, be resuscitated and conscious, then die. No idea why this comes down to the players who have just formed a circle around a player they thought was about to die. UEFA should come out and say no from a wellbeing POV.
  5. With all due respect, even the Dr's can't be sure he'll make a full recovery. So feeding that nonsense to the players that 'he's stable' in order to get a game finished is disgusting.
  6. I just don't understand. You can't make a call on that to say that he is will be ok in that short period of time. What a fucking nonsense.
  7. Still a massive battle ahead, but of course massively positive he's been awake at some point. Scary as fuck. Here's hoping it's something 'trivial' as opposed to a subarachnoid etc.
  8. That's fucking grim. Why the fuck have the BBC shown a player get CPR on the pitch and continued with the coverage. Hoping Eriksen pulls through!
  9. Surprised at Girasoli too - thought she was decent when she came in at the tail end of the Season for a few games.
  10. Here. How good were we keeping the ball in the corner at the end of tight games (I know it's not specific to this one). Itten was unreal at it. Nobody is allowed to mention Hamilton away or St Johnstone at home in the Scottish Cup though.
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