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  1. The one thing I can get on board with about this pumping is it's Harrington's fault.
  2. Looks steady. Canny be arsed about hearing anymore about his heading ability right enough. He’s a 6ft2 RB ffs.
  3. Here's hoping this is our real lull as we've simply not been good enough. Looks like Davis & McGregor put everything into last Season - this is a Season of transitioning them out the side - thankfully the two players lined up to replace them stood up today. We can't continue being this off form is the only bit of positivity I can take from our performances of late (and the points). Onwards and upwards and we've done something celtic haven't been able to do since February... Fuck you celtic you'll never win away.
  4. Yeah I agree, I think I was just shocked with his performance tonight. Never had Usyk troubled which is criminal. I do think he's lost his way though. Plus he's been sanitised so much he must be bored stiff.
  5. I loved AJ coming through. Went and saw him smash Charles Martin and really believed the hype. But in the last two years he’s just been exposed for being a robotic meathead with no real boxing ability. Hearn will be raging but it’s his own doing, he’s made him so boring and now he just doesn’t seem arsed. As others have said he’s not even a knockout boxer anymore. Wild.
  6. AJ was just shite. Fury is right to call him a juice head and nothing else. Embarrassed for 12 rounds by a cruiserweight and never even threatened him. In saying that Usyk deserves a huge amount of praise - what a boxer and what a man.
  7. Doesn't really bother me in the Ryder Cup TBH. I love the shithousery, make a difference from the norm in Golf. We've just been shite. Didn't expect us to be great but we've rarely competed today.
  8. Greens are as dry as a nuns chuff.
  9. Harrington has fucked this. Some of the pairings have been bizarre. That first one out in the afternoon session was proper baffling.
  10. Really need to start making some putts or this could be over by today.
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