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  1. Ajer is easily their best CB. Made a terrific tackle against Kent, cleared Kent's shot off the line and is very comfortable coming out with the ball at his feet. I'd say if it wasn't for him Saturday would have been a pumping.
  2. I'll be too busy wrapping myself in tinfoil, putting myself in the microwave and jumping out the window.
  3. It's absolutely nauseating. Not to mention Liverpool not saying how long he's out for, just saying they'll be there for him.
  4. I wish they signed off with this...
  5. He was used for his defensive play. The one thing he did well yesterday was close down their CB's and win the ball back. You could tell that was the plan as when they had the ball he went into the number 9 position. Apart from one ball carry he was very poor in the attacking sense, but it's clear Gerrard doesn't trust Jones in that type of game.
  6. Was constantly in space, I think I missed 2 or 3 misplaced passes all game. Controlled the game for us.
  7. Saw a different side to him yesterday as the space in front of him is usually taken up by one of our attacking fullbacks. What a job he did of carrying the ball and finding a Rangers jersey. That chop whilst running into 3 tramps was delightful. Not to mention the ugly side, he was constantly doubling up with Barisic on Frimpong. Tight when he needed to be and closed down the angles on that left hand side. I doubt Gerrard could have asked him for a better performance.
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