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  1. Eddie Howe would be phoning his Maw the first time a Rangers fan called him a cunt at a petrol station.
  2. Going to buy the fireworks next week. Will buy the Moet to drench myself in too. Then off to George Square.
  3. Mount is growing into a very, very good player.
  4. It's magic, you know, Lennon fucked 10 in a row
  5. He said we're not even a good side after the 2-0 win at the Tattiedome. So now it's good to poke fun at him.
  6. "It's not even a good 20 point lead."
  7. Disappointed with that. Livi will be raging, hopefully they carry that into the game midweek and take their chances.
  8. None of this until it's mathematically possible. Different if it's opinions, not when it's as assertive as this.
  9. Lazio scud Roma.. @Mr Soprano happy with that?
  10. James McLean suspended pending an investigation into an alleged breach of COVID regulations. No doubt sacked and joins his beloved COVID FC.
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