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  1. Doesn't even listen to Neville. Too bitter about him being a Manc which I can actually relate to, I like that both of them hate each others opinions (for no other reason that they they're rivals).
  2. Disappointed I didn't have a punt on Rose when he was -1. But in saying that, I've won a few times on the Masters and it's best to do when it's a fairly even field on Saturday Afternoon.
  3. Was saying, don't let it go out for a corner. Then said to the missus this is were Arsenal do Arsenal things..
  4. I hate Patrick Reed. Backing Rose out of the current leaders. On a side note, Bryson DeShambles, am I right?
  5. Great game, hardly any of the ball out the park. All to play for in the second leg.
  6. See if you've got Jermain Jenas as the the voice of reason, you know you've fucked up. Both Can & Bellingham booked for his shite decisions.
  7. Mate there's no point. It's better off getting bumped.
  8. Thierry Munro would have been good banter as well.
  9. Carragher embarrassed himself tonight. Shouting and balling about Neville changing his mind about TAA only to be told he hadn't. Can't think about anything logically.
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