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  1. @RockwellGers definitely watches wee Chinese cartoons shag each other.
  2. That's a new addition to the site. Downie's never used to get adverts.
  3. If you listen carefully, at about 21 seconds in, you can hear @Cat Protection ask for help.
  4. One of those comments is correct but I can't confirm which.
  5. Will Rory ever win a Major again?
  6. I know it seems like they worked on the deal for at least a year. But how an earth were other sides not interested in Thiago for £30 Million?!
  7. I can get our fans scepticism around signing players from our League, since Walter Smith has gone they've pretty much all been failures. Is he better than what Docherty was? I honestly know know. But he's worth a punt in my opinion.
  8. Looks like it'll be an entertaining night!
  9. We're waiting on the site provider rectifying it. They're the only ones able to resolve.
  10. I hate Jorginho's penalties. Look great when they work, but I'm just not into them. I reckon Werner will be on them now.
  11. What is Lampard doing still playing him. He's fucking awful.
  12. Mane is fantastic with his head for a wee guy.
  13. Unless they think you're Cat Protection...
  14. How the fuck has the referee given him a yellow and had to use VAR to overrule it.
  15. The reason it's so disappointing is because it's just so predictable. It's not just dropped points, it's symbolic of us not changing and not being winners. We failed our first test at Livi Away, but could maybe dream it was different because our defence hadn't conceded. But our next big test and we crumble: The same individual errors from our defence leading to goals Players trying to walk the ball into the net Missing clear goal scoring opportunities - Goldson, Morelos & Kent Gerrard just not knowing what to do or just not thinking he needs to ch
  16. Not as rattled as you when you got banned from 1 topic imo.
  17. You’ve literally mentioned one of the most abused posters on here who has never reacted like you.
  18. Don’t insinuate I’m bullying you. That’s pathetic. I’ve changed plenty of posters names who have all seen the funny side, including Williamson. You’d be better off deleting your account if you can’t take me changing your name to Cat Protection. I’ve hardly made it personal. I can’t change it back as I’m on my phone, but I will do when I can.
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