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  1. Completely agree. Usyk would embarrass him.
  2. Of course, but it's a different sport. DD is 23 years old and has years ahead of him earning money (right now he's earning buttons compared to what he could). In UFC it's a shorter career and more explosive. Let's not compare it.
  3. No wonder he's asking for that level of fight!
  4. His eye was fucked for 4 rounds, but he kept going. The boy is 23 and knows he has another day to fight. I get the criticism but he needs to think about his future.
  5. You enjoy this UFC fight tonight? Lol.
  6. The boy couldn't see out his right eye from round 4. Shut up Kirk.
  7. Don't rate his corner sending him back out with his eye like that. Surely better his corner taking the heat than DD?
  8. More fannys in here tonight than in the Politics Forum!
  9. Picked up an enjoy and on their last outing - out for a fortknight.
  10. McLaughlin Tav Goldson Helander Bassey Zungu Aribo Itten Hagi Barker Defoe
  11. He did play well last night, held up the ball far better than he did at the weekend. There was a few times were I'd have liked to have seen him stand up the defender he had isolated in that position at the edge of the box that he's so dangerous in. But he opted to pass.
  12. I still think he's impacted too much by his own playing career of never wanting to be subbed.
  13. Massively frustrating to not win in the end. We should we be winning both of those games and the lack of subs is massively disappointing. Out of context they're both good results, but they're silly dropped points.
  14. Can't believe Gerrard didn't break up the game rhythm with one or two subs. We've done so well to get 1, let alone 2 in-front. Shite if we don't win.
  15. Sitting here thinking how bouncing the stadium would have been tonight. Here's hoping we get the win.
  16. How can you decide if a KO isn't allowed in a boxing match?
  17. Poor wee Hitler losing his marbles.
  18. Choking to know what went on, the comments don't give away a lot. He's definitely done something to his missus that's my shout. Not one fucker jumped in, plus he went back to the car to talk to her which set specky off again.
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