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  1. A step in the right direction but I won't be happy until Green and his associates are completely removed from the club.
  2. From what I have heard he has only paid half of the £5.5 million for the clubs assets, Green took a gamble that has backfired on him, he doesn't have the means or the funds to operate Rangers and if we are going to continue to operate as a football club, he needs bought out immediately. The remaining players wages are due to paid on Thursday, that could be a very telling day.
  3. Why does that cunt Spiers get wheeled out as if he some kind of expert on Rangers? he is clueless, He spends half his airtime saying 'I don't know'
  4. Has there ever been an Elder Scrolls game based in Hammerfell?
  5. I honestly think this is one of the greatest games ever made
  6. I'm FieldMarshall85 on xbox live if anyone fancies a bit of multiplayer
  7. So is it our fault they spunked £1 million on Paul Bernard? Stupid sheep shagging bastards
  8. well said mate and good luck with the campaign
  9. I'm a bit confused by that ending
  10. I managed to get a copy for £42.99 from G-Force in Union Street
  11. IGN have given it 9.5 out of 10
  12. Whyte is a crook, how much more obvious does it need to get for the penny to finally drop with some people?
  13. I would strongly recommend at least playing ME2 first The first Mass Effect does look a bit dated now but the great storyline and characters is what I love most about the series, you will get a lot more out of it if you experience the first two
  14. It seems to me like the best bits from ME1 and ME2 combined, the shotguns seem to have a lot more kick which is good because I thought they were pish in ME2
  15. This looks like it could very well be the end of Rangers as we know it. There will be a new club, it must play at Ibrox and it must be completely free of the bastards Murray & Whyte.
  16. I haven't really got in to this yet, mainly because when I am playing it, I am thinking that I could be playing Skyrim instead.
  17. I am getting the impression that battle lines are being drawn for the future ownership of the club, Paul Murray and AJ have both been more vocal now that the verdict from the EBT tribunal is drawing closer and now it looks like Whyte has acted against Dave King. The next few weeks could be very traumatic and I can only hope that a healthier, secure Rangers emerges from it and as I mentioned in my previous post I am coming to the conclusion that this is a Rangers without Craig Whyte, is it a Rangers with Paul Murray/Dave King? I don't know, I just want what is best for my club and I am not seei
  18. I have defended him in the past and there is no doubt that some (probably most) of the stuff that has been spouted by the mhedia has been malicious and agenda driven, however there is no getting away from what I see happening in front of me, we are watching shambles after shambles unfold in front of us. Dave King isn't a parasite like Bain or McClelland, Dave King put £20 million of his own money in to Rangers, which as far as I can tell is about 20 million times more than Whyte has put in, if Dave King does have concerns about what is happening to the club then frankly we should be very conce
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