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  1. some of the performances this season are really really bad 20 points clear team really bad how bad is scottish football
  2. ally is not doing well just now but one of the reasons thats not helping him is that he cant sign any palyers his hands are tieyed so my thought is judged him when he can get players in and then if thing are the same then we can say our peace then but all i would say is stick by him until this happens they are my thoughts
  3. i dont go to all away games but i go for the boycott we got the power to destroy scottish football with our large away support and make them suffer its rangers that keep the football going
  4. i just hope he glot the balls and tell them where to go
  5. just heard that the bbc been banned from the press conference today about time they are no friends of ours
  6. i have been on other fourms and its the same i say just came down and he will get us thru this watp
  7. the police are like the rest they afre obessed with us but the fans they got to behave and they will we want to make friends where ever we go and then go back again
  8. i for didnt want him here but so far he been the best player out of the new players as long he doesnt do the clugging i be happy so sofar i am a happy bear
  9. i for one will not watch them i b at airdrie anyway vut who gives a fuck about them anyway if they were in my back garden my curtains would b shut
  10. there going to b alot of disappionted people not getting tkts
  11. i dont think he played in the first team but his name was jazz jutla
  13. why do yous buy the rag dont buy or read it they are wankers the lot of the papers
  14. loads of times been at the sheepie end dundee utd end hibs end and will never be back at any of them again
  15. i would have said the sheepies but after dundee utd charge us twice for the same game i want them first tossers
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