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  1. "having my cake and eating it too"
  2. kevpetrie87


    I do not for a single second believe it will be our team next season. I was just saying IF. Sorry for dreaming
  3. Gary Neville seemed quite reserved in his commentary
  4. Even on the television it sounded incredible, out sang the tarriers. A credit to our club, well done guys
  5. fuck being pals with "broony" Baldy Steve must feel sorry for him. I don't think I've ever been so pissed off at a Rangers player as I was at Whittaker when he launched the ball off that cunt
  6. I've got mates who are tims to be honest I don't actually mind them outside of the context of football. Am I a bad person?
  7. I near pished myself watching it
  8. kevpetrie87


    If that's the side we have next season we'll win the league
  9. I wouldn't say he's our most skilful player ever but I love this video of Tugay
  10. YASSSS!!!!!! Nice one. Well done to everyone who took part
  11. I've said it before and i'll say it again, and I wont be the first or last person to say this but pat nevin's a fucking cunt
  12. Newcastle to beat Blackburn and Hibs to beat sellick £40 returns £495 WH
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