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  1. I played it online yesterday m8.
  2. COD 4 is still the best online game out there. Much better than MW2 or Black ops... Needs new maps though.
  3. If the takeover goes ahead will we have any money ? I don't know anything about this Whyte bloke.
  4. I remember crawling in the garden.. That's all, it was before I could walk so I would have been between the ages of 0 & 15.
  5. He stole my dinner money in Primary school..
  6. Not only do you have cool trainers... you also have a good memory.
  7. Saved or not I still think the OP is an ignorant cunt!
  8. Not sure.. The Rangers megastore were tweeting about it a couple of weeks back.. Just said it would be revealed next month and wouldn't give me a sneak preview.
  9. Very good news. He adds a bit off pace to the side.
  10. The Rangers strips for next season have already been designed.. Launch next month.. not Nike.
  11. I get reminded of the dangers of alcohol and how I should be spending my money every time I tell her I'm going to the pub. Then when I'm ill she says it's the alcohol. When I'm skint she says it's because I buy too much alcohol. Truth is, she's afraid If I go out on the drink I mind find myself someone who doesn't fuckin' nag all the time.
  12. I honestly can't remember the last time I watched us domestically and thought to myself.. wow we played well today. I'm just being honest. I'm shocked that he's changed the formation the fit Bartley in.. why not just drop Weir?
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