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  1. The Rangers are and always will be the biggest supported club in Scotland. We don't need our former first team to compete in Division 3, we'll win that league at a canter with what we have. Next year, we'll win Division 2 at a canter because we'll always be able to attract the best for that level, same with Division 1. We'll enter the SPL debt free and we'll win that too (fuck knows we won it 3 in a row when the banks ran us)... We'll be back in no time and every man that pulls on the blue shirt will go down in history! We're not competing with big clubs here... some will be gone in 3 years time, but we'll be here, back where we belong. SPL Champions!
  2. John Brown, ex Rangers legend or not... Hasn't a fucking clue what he's doing!
  3. It's not 'niceness'.... it's class.
  4. I'm just surprised no-ones mentioned Alan Smith or Robbie Fowler yet! On a serious note, Emile Heskey.
  5. Understood, he wont get any personal abuse from me that's for sure. I know he means well but someone should be having a quiet word in his ear.
  6. How can anyone take him seriously when he keeps ranting about 'seeing the deeds', then when they're presented to him he doesn't even take a look for himself? If he has backing, tell us who they are and let someone else do the public speaking.
  7. JB says green said to him 'I could put this club down forever'
  8. That seems to be all folks.
  9. Ally - gospel truth - Duke of Edinburgh asked what was happening with the Rangers :-)
  10. Mccoist at lunch thing with Queen, said she's renewing :-)
  11. AM - Healey has left. Little and Kerkar offered new deals.
  12. It's all gone quiet again, think I'll go make a cuppa.
  13. SJ asking to be removed from SFA hall of fame, mccoist will think about it. (didn't know about it before now)
  14. JB says green said to him 'I could put this club down forever' It's all coming out now.
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