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  1. I'm thinking about getting a season ticket and sitting around there too. brilliant view
  2. Seen them... they all looked so good.
  3. No bother at all, surprised i managed it in my drunken state. I wore my t-shirt the rest of the night with pride.
  4. I dont even know who this is?! Chaz? but yes...we weren't as bad as Calum though! lol
  5. Aye you spilled my almost full pint. Then went to the bar for a replacement and returned with 5 other drinks too. Steamers
  6. Good way to finish off the season with a fantastic night! The wee man was brilliant!
  7. Absolutely brilliant day! The fans were amazing as always
  8. Glad i went, shame about the result. UBs/TBO were brilliant, loved the streamers and smoke bombs
  9. Meeee. Can't wait Actually same as above...if i get my shift swapped.
  10. Wow, did not expect that. Used to laugh at his strange, strange posts. RIP Stewart
  11. :D I believe i was in the corner having a heart attack
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