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  1. totally gutted!! had so many good drunken times where we going to go now lol all the best for the future
  2. Think I'm going, not sure yet. x

  3. LOL, very much the same.

    You at today's game?


  4. Hi there bearette :)


  5. Yep:]x

    but you'll prob get it cheaper later on in the season hehe. so whatcha up too?

  6. Haha:]

    So have u pre ordered the away top yet/?

  7. Shes disgusting! And pathetic for selling her silly story tht no one cares about yuk!
  8. Hi x

    Added you as a friend hope its k?watp x

  9. Hope to God he stays!! Thought he might leave in Jan if he gets a good deal, hope not
  10. He played fantastic considering the pain.. Great player
  11. Hes an absolute legend and the fact he loves rangers so much is amazing
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