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  1. Oh well .... Another year in the championship where Hibs will finish first St Mirren second and us barely getting 3rd place
  2. this squad would lose to a primary 7 school football team Just being honest...
  3. No cut from a 22 point lead to a 6 point lead in a new YouGov poll
  4. I hate naismith more than I hate TLB No joke .... if I ever be unfortunate to see that prick in public I would not hesitate to kick him in the balls and shout scumbag at his face
  5. Really don't want to post this piece of shit here so I'll leave a link to the horror show http://www.footballshirtculture.com/14/15-Kits/celtic-2014-2015-nike-away-football-shirt-leaked.html
  6. Would I be correct in saying that Ghosts is the worst call of duty ever made ?
  7. Maybe he is a rangers fan too ?
  8. I don't think sledgehammer had a say in the what goes in the game (mw3) ... Just my opinion But they have full control over MW4 and possibly it could be better ... Who knows , we will see I'm not getting hyped for this game because afterall it is Call of Duty ....
  9. Remember IW isn't developing MW4 .... SledgeHammer is IW is too busy on Ghosts 2
  10. Look on the bright side ... Modern warfare 4 is out this year Can't be as bad as mw3
  11. First 100 calls will be from the obsessed no doubt about it
  12. ca11um


    Looks epic and I think It may be worth buying an Xbox one for this game Out march 2014 and promises to be revolutionary ... I guess ... What do you guys think ?
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