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  1. that will be next season at the earliest plus jig isny even in the team the now naisy will take alukos place when he leaves in the summer
  2. and yer patters pish poor cunt
  3. fuck knows how goes it dangleberry? long time no speak
  4. when did jimmy mortimer become a steward?
  5. masterstroke fae bbc they knew what they were doing rangers bashing again is that an irish lass asking the questions there? naveeds fair put the pounds on fucking hell 1:16
  6. shes probably asking him how he canny get a game for this pish
  7. he done you good n proper talking of retards, hows goody getting on, sure he was signing for us according to you did you no have a pic of him on your profile? dick
  8. i think you are thinking of john park who was at hibs as chief scout he went to rasellik sadly
  9. what for? its no use to us
  10. it is a winger of quality anyway
  11. everyone who supports rangers will know who and what i mean
  12. prefer to take action before its too late
  13. you cant argue with facts, no contract was offered whether ally wanted him or not listen to yourself still smarting from WWTC puttin you in your place the other day and taking rep seriosuly too fuck sake means fuck all, i am sure he would also like to sign messi and ronaldo, no contract was offered to goodwillie, another fact
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