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  1. Didn’t know Pedro caixinha was their manager ! edit: not sure wiki is at all accurate with this.
  2. Thought he was ok today. He’s deliberately went to smash Edouard to lay down a marker and it’s cost us. Needless tackle.
  3. Pretty sure every cunt was buzzing to see Morelos step up to break his duck. Now that he’s missed it let’s blame someone other than him.
  4. Thought with the game Barasic was having that free kick was a cert. Composure shown at the start of the second half was great to watch. Great Result. They will be gutted not to have taken 3 points there.
  5. Got his agent to complain to a mates workplace for asking for a picture the other day, which he was happy to have taken. Embarrassing
  6. Slide balls into the channel all day long getting a lot of joy from them
  7. The rule for an automatic red card for denying a goalscoring opportunity changed years ago. These commentators are useless. Hellander has mad a genuine attempt to play the ball and Dykes nicked in ahead. Foul yes not a red. Why does Sutton keep calling our Centre back Elmander
  8. Absolutely. Pretty sure everyone was fearing the worst after Morelos sending off. I never expected to feel hard done by come 90mins - they didn’t land a glove on us second half out with the goal.
  9. That’s clearly not what he meant. Don’t agree, ffs
  10. Knee jerk reaction. Pulled us back into the game. Misread Goldsons movement and under hit a pass he had been playing all game. How unloyal some fans are towards our players after a defeat is unreal.
  11. He let us away with one with Goldson at the end.
  12. We did concede last minute just chalked for fuck all ?
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