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  1. Absolutely. Pretty sure everyone was fearing the worst after Morelos sending off. I never expected to feel hard done by come 90mins - they didn’t land a glove on us second half out with the goal.
  2. That’s clearly not what he meant. Don’t agree, ffs
  3. Knee jerk reaction. Pulled us back into the game. Misread Goldsons movement and under hit a pass he had been playing all game. How unloyal some fans are towards our players after a defeat is unreal.
  4. He let us away with one with Goldson at the end.
  5. We did concede last minute just chalked for fuck all ?
  6. Andy


    See if the ref had done his job you would have been celebrating a Tav penalty. In a game where no defender got pass marks for their defending Tav was superb going forward. Holt killed us. That Barker would have smoked any defender there.
  7. Yes. 2nd and 3rd both enter at 1st round. 2nd place will enter the 2nd round if celtic win the Scottish Cup and 4th place (Hibs) will enter 1st round.
  8. Only if celtic win Scottish Cup
  9. Playing for that second round start in Europa on Sunday now. Assuming celtic will win and go on to win Cup
  10. Better in midfield than CB not the answer in there though. Not going to feauture in there under Gerrard guarantee that.
  11. Has good decision making. See foul on Roberts.
  12. Andy


    Did he no play in a back three one of those games? And that game where Hibs absolutely battered us all game? Anyway, he’s been rotten at the back and isn’t as good as what we let go andhowever bad our centre mids are, he’s not an improvement.
  13. Andy


    Don’t understand this myth he’s any good in the middle of the park. I’d rather a centre mid at the back today no composure at all. Shocking bit of business thought we were fine with Bates and Wilson with Mcrorrie, Cordoso and Alves as back ups.
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