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  1. Apart from the goal what i remember most is Hugh Dallas correctly refusing them a penalty in the last couple of minutes, This just a few weeks after being left bloodied after being struck by a coin thrown from the celtic end at Parkhead
  2. Repeated on BBC1 Scotland at 11.45 this evening.
  3. Insult to all 5 year olds. My grandchildren are aged 1 & 3 and make more sense than the OP.
  4. Looking for someone to pick me up a copy as i can't make it down tonight. Will cover costs and postage. Cheers
  5. Wasn't referring to AM being a Rangers fan but the journalist who told me.
  6. Who could forget him falling asleep whilst on the bench (Tynecastle). Walter described him as having "great economy of movement" ie lazy fcuker.
  7. Alexei Mikhaillichenko Yes he was. Close enough to the Russian national team we beat that night.
  8. Atmosphere that night was incredible. Remember Souness strutting around towards the end of the game in his own inimitable way. Glory days.
  9. See you tomorrow over on the Tennis thread.
  10. Have World Cup on tv and have been on pc for 30 mins so haven't seen SSN Got message through reporters twitter account. Said i wasn't ITK be he certainly is. He's a big Rangers fan btw.
  11. No but a local guy who writes for one of the quality national newspapers is.
  12. Just been told he has decided to withdraw from the championships.
  13. Yes he was. Didn't know about his sons being with Swansea.
  14. A young Ghanaian player called Abedi Pele who was in a different league to everyone else on the park during a pre-season friendly around the early-mid 90s. Standing ovation when substituted from all 4 stands that evening iirc.
  15. Would have headed straight back to the Philippines tbh. Couldn't possibly be worse than FW.
  16. You escaped from Dumbarton then?
  17. Thought this would be a top seller in Dumbarton?.
  18. Used to be an agent back in the day. If i remember correctly the Rangers Pools were about 10 times the size of the Manchester United pools. We even had a large number of celtic fans taking part.
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