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  1. Both are achievable with the right people in place.
  2. If we're honest the equalizer was coming for at least 10 minutes. Too many people looking for any kind of excuse imo. Poor display from the team with the last 5 minutes summing it all up.
  3. Any price for Neil Lennon?.
  4. Remember when they had reports from the Basketball games in the Rangers News. Seemed to be a decent guy.
  5. I was asking because according to Jimmy himself he played his best football at Pollok. See him most weeks and is always talking about his time with you. Good lad whose boy is a decent player as well.
  6. Do you remember a boy called Jimmy McPhee who played about 15+ years ago?. Played as a forward iirc.
  7. Other clubs besides the ones named i believe are, Racing (Arg) , Leipzig (Ger), Leverkusen (Ger),Fluminense (Bra), Pachuca (Mex) Chapocoense (Bra), Kashima Antlers (Jap), Santa Fe (Col) Sporting Crystal (Per) Jacksonville Armada (Usa).
  8. Read the Rangers forums. Lift a story that you know nothing about. Put a negative spin on it. Add on a few lies that weren't in the original article. Write "Exclusive" on your headline knowing no-one else has made this up. Job done. I think i have the makings of an award winning Scottish sports journalist.
  9. They have at least 4,000 Season Ticket holders i'll have you know, plus they held Dumbarton to a draw on Saturday and sit in a respectful fourth position behind those giants of the game - St Mirren, Dunfermline & Oueen of the South. If that's not enough then the chairman hasn't been assaulted by any of his own fans this month .................................yet.
  10. The BBC aren't banned from Ibrox. Chris McLauchlan isn't banned from Ibrox. Rangers withdrew his press accreditation for continued lies regarding the club. The BBC then decided to withdraw all reporters from covering home games.
  11. I'm exactly the same. Used to watch the majority of games in the EPL, CL, Europa League etc. Now apart from our games the only football i watch is MOTD & Championship Highlights on C5. Didn't even know Scotland were playing last night until i heard the score on the radio earlier. I spoke to several people this morning, all football fans and not one mentioned the game. Still don't know who scored and have no interest in finding out. Hatred is killing the game in Scotland and there are no signs this will improve over time, if anything it will get worse.
  12. Clubs pay for the police in the Stadium footprint but with perhaps 20,000 + arriving at the same time many more of them would have to be deployed at various points outwith the said footprint. Every penny is a prisoner to PS nowadays.
  13. Billy surely as "Billy Drinkell" will tell you. I remember when Alex O'Hara first appeared in the 70s. Some people were thinking the end was nigh. Now we have Declan, Aiden & Liam.
  14. Comes down to Police resources i'm afraid. Imagine 25-30,000 bears attending the game. How many extra policemen/women would have to be deployed and the extra financial costs involved. Police Scotland are cutting back on overtime and will take every opportunity to save any amount of money, however small that may be. Don't agree but that's how it is today.
  15. The Police are setting a limit of 10,000 away fans for our visit iirc.
  16. No interest from us in Portuguese football then?. Where else are we going to check out future signings?.
  17. Netherland U21 V England U21 is on Friday at 5.00pm, 2 Games pw from Portugal, 3 from Belgium, 2 from Argentina and 1 each from LaLiga2 and Ireland.
  18. Never can tell with people on here.
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