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  1. Define legitimate? Wish DK would stop mentioning them in interviews. We are a stand-alone club, one with a glorious history and a bright future so the references to them in interviews is neither required or helpful.
  2. Teleprompter back in the dark ages where the teams followed by the score appeared one letter/number at a time. Always paused for a few seconds for us iirc. Aberdeen 1 Rangers....................................2
  3. Thought he was their captain.
  4. You forgot £10 Concessions. Auld Bassa Loyal
  5. Used to happen at Motherwell in the mid-seventies when they were more than a decent team. Was there when big DJ scored the only goal and both darts and golf balls were launched at us. Over 25000 there that day
  6. Just as well we signed Mexicans & Portuguese players then isn't it? Pity David Bates though.
  7. You are right. 3-1 on penalties although it seems to have been a slightly unusual shootout with it being a 3 penalty shoot out rather than the usual 5.
  8. Some of them looked as old as i feel. They would be receiving a telegram from the Queen if they lived in the UK. Frightening to think it was nearly 30 years ago.
  9. Unless you're Saudi Arabian in a U16 World cup tournament.
  10. "You win nothing with kids"
  11. They don't like it up them is what you are saying.
  12. Lost 3-1 to Leverkusen in Quarter-final.
  13. To be fair they've been fairly successful since then.with the famous exception in 66 when the Russians failed to "let bygones be bygones".
  14. Until the manager got his tactics wrong v the Russians. Were never the same after that.
  15. Won this mornings game 4-0 and will play Leverkusen in the quarter-final.
  16. Correct. Finished top of their group ahead of Nurnberg.
  17. Yesterdays scores. Borussia Monchenglabach 3-0 Hamburg 5-0 Nurnberg 0-2 Kaiserslautern 4-0 Well done to the youngsters.
  18. There is no chance of him returning in any capacity as long as Dave King is at the club. Not going to say why but 100% true.
  19. Sums up the Scottish sporting press perfectly. No reporting or interest in tactical ananysis of any sort. Focusing on developing a "war of words"narrative between rival managers/pundits shows a lack of intelligence from even award winning journalists it seems, especially if there is a personal agenda behind it. As you correctly say Pedro already has their number and will act accordingly.
  20. Used to enjoy reading some of their articles but no signs of returning anytime soon. I believe the "Rangers Observer" has taken over from the "Copland Road Organization".
  21. One word stands out for me - Leader. Something we have been lacking for years imo.
  22. I think i'm right in saying that Stephen Wright was a coach in the youth system about 10 years or so ago.
  23. Is he painting the house? Seen him give away a penalty versus Luton last week. Never a foul to be fair.
  24. You could be an honorary Highlander in that case.
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