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  1. Foderingham Tav McCrorie Martin John Dorrans Goss Candeias Windass Murphy Morelos Then with a bench including Cummings, Jack, Alves, Holt, Wallace, etc, I'd say we're looking very good - and it's a fairly young squad to build upon in the future. Not sure about McCrorie in defence rather than midfield but had to shoehorn him and Goss in the same side. Still unsure about Murphy but he's our best option out left and he's improving game by game. Just wish he'd try not to get every single shot blocked, he kinda telegraphs them...
  2. Not sure if you're serious, but that was my point It's the five Spanish speakers. Can only imagine Alfredo "Nae Pals" Morelos has been lumped with Windass and his spice boy crew thanks to that haircut! Edit: Also just realised Spanish is different from Portuguese and I'm an idiot
  3. Great to see the new boys integrating with the rest of the team. "Right lads, get yourselves into groups of 5!"
  4. Caixinha said he'd only be putting one of him or Herrera into the squad, but would bring them both so they could gel with the lads. Worked out well.
  5. Oh sorry have I done something wrong..? Do you disagree with me..? He needs out the door asap.
  6. "We need to focus on the positives" Seriously Pedro, where the fuck were the positives from that?
  7. Perhaps didn't have the heart to be playing here, but we should be getting a whole lot more than that for him. The boy has ability, great deal for Forest.
  8. Pretty sure it was him that put the last ditch block in that prevented a certain goal after the "hand ball" in the 2nd half. For that I can't criticise him as it saved us from what would've been a very embarrassing result, and if it had been Alves or Cardoso that did it folk would've been frothing out the ears. On the other hand, he looks even more uncomfortable on the ball than Salim Kerkar, and that's saying something. He's an apt backup, and at least the right type of defender to pair with Cardoso when needed.
  9. Fuck is Grant Hanley doing at the bottom there, did not need to see any of that..
  10. Perhaps a stupid question but does it mean anything that Beerman has been registered as a midfielder? Perhaps Pedro has different ideas tactically for him this season or something..?
  11. Unsurprisingly they were gagging to getdrawn us going by posts on their fb page (and a little help from google translate)
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