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  1. This thread was good for about 5 pages, and then has went back to its usual shit. Why did admin give it back to you losers
  2. # Bazza Today, 11:16 PM # Photo therabbitt Today, 10:46 PM # Photo Jadams Today, 10:35 PM # Photo fog Cya mate.
  3. Where is TWB? Ive not given him his daily rep point.
  4. Did we just lose another one? Thread #2391 just got deleted.
  5. Time to admit defeat team. This one is too tricksy.
  6. I hate when my posts with great ideas dont get read becuase a new page starts right after.
  7. I love how yesterdays events has brought everyone closer together. Let's all have a group hug. BD in the middle.
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