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  1. Anyone know why Bear or Whiteman was banned? Just a build up of yesterdays incident or did they do something particularly bad?
  2. Fuck you buddy. Seriously, has there ever been a more repetative poster than maty boy here?
  3. You missed probably the best night in RMs history ya bawhum
  4. Siddi general Yadi Sakat, razed the Mazagon Fort in Mumbai. The clarinet was also invented!
  5. As if hearing it from them doesnt do my head in enough... Why even need to ask if it's in the wrong section? What part of that video has anything to do with Rangers FC?
  6. Intelligent comeback. How much intelligence does it take to get a job in McDonalds?
  7. I love how you see intelligence and spelling correctly on a football forum directly proportional. My piss off comment was only a joke at first btw.
  8. Sorry for having a job. Not all of us can live off other peoples taxes.
  9. My brother did this and the only thing he caught was a stalker. She persued him for 3 weeks non stop phoning and texting, before he finaly decided to meet up with her, and she never turned up
  10. You'd have 1600+ posts on KDS if it moved there. You'd probably get banned from here. Bad idea.
  11. First chug in the morning is always a disappointment.
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