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  1. It's not, just give it a while. Has happened to me a few times.
  2. Not Nikki! I could even put up with her face and voice... I think.
  3. Madina my ratings of you jsut plumeted. Of this you must care
  4. It's an attack site, get the hell outa there.
  5. Watched a few mins on the TV at the gym... that Nikki has got some body... flexible as hell too
  6. Why the fuck are you putting effort into responding to this troll?
  7. Why would he make a happy 8/9/10 thread if it was 22 hours and 30 mins into that day This argument is not a waste of our time.
  8. Wish someone would pay money to take pics of me
  9. Glad the silence was held, really shouldnt be held again anywhere else than septic park though. Edit: was it a silence or an applause?
  10. As full of shit as the predicting the lottery one was.
  11. That's not world class Top 2 of your position atleast... or top 4ish of your role.
  12. Quite possibly. He was certainly one of the best shot stoppers around at the time.
  13. No doubt, but there were atleast 5-6 other players who could have given more of a tough time. He was a top top player for a decent period of time, but he was nowhere near the best in his position in the world. I'd say Law and Dalglish amybe the only two genuine world class players to have come from Scotland. A lot of borderline... like Souness, Baxter, Mcgrain, but I'm actually too young to have seen any of these play...
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