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  1. Money sent GB via merchandise route ...

    all the best tae wee Josh ?

  2. Should have said, "you can buy on a per game basis" (a bit more £) considering we're on BT & SKY  a lot this month ....... "It's all about the Rangers"

    Some fans even set up for accounts as though they are living outside the UK !? (Not up on that, but search back some RTV threads, lots of discussion & input on this from time to time)

  3. I can tell you what I do in Canada & Mexico.

    Chrome with Hola (I choose the US for VPN) works for me & my RTV subscription when I am here in the UK.

    It is better than trying to search for a stream that works. RTV is a lot more stable and compared to the price of a ticket ................... a great deal (don't care what anybody says) even if it is not HD quality LOL


    1. trueblue 64

      trueblue 64

      I used hola with a puffin browser, but it did not give me an option for country, I haven't signed up yet as was not convinced I had done it right. I will try as you advised and thanks very much for replying, 

  4. Wasn't aware that I had, show me the post!?

    Might have hit it by mistake I really don't know!?

    If we disagree then let's debate it or agree to disagree.

    To much negative shite and infighting at a time when we should be united.

    I don't agree with 3 different supporters organisations.

    I'm not up on all this forum stuff so give me a break.


  5. why neg rep me??

  6. I've probably been a bear longer than you've been eating hot dinners, thought you might have offered to be a friend first, thanks for the welcome :-((

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