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  1. Why did she want me to give 50 questions like I don't have anything better to do
  2. fog

    f1 2010

    Not played this for ages.
  3. Inflation seems to have been an influence on you Gone up 80p since the first post
  4. I'm using the official iPhone app as I'm in bed it's pretty decent
  5. Quali is about to start as rain made it impossible to do Saturday. Race starts 7am our time as well.
  6. fog

    f1 2010

    I think my game is faulty got the gap down to 3 secs now but no chance in races
  7. fog

    f1 2010

    Might just start it again and lower the settings. I'm always like 6secs off the next placed car i'm use to finishing top 3 usually in racing games
  8. fog

    f1 2010

    I'm always last can't get any pace at all
  9. fog

    f1 2010

    Says my game has been sent
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