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  1. Seems to have been deleted 😂
  2. The Southgate song? I don’t know the full celtic song sheet so only know it as the Southgate song
  3. The 3rd kit isn’t even for sale? 🙄
  4. He’s followed on Instagram by Ryan Kent 👀👀
  5. Picture quality seems poor via PS4. Might just stick with laptop
  6. Think in the qualifiers you provide your own ball. Im sure last week we used the type we use in the league. Yesterday was a completely different ball.
  7. It works so clearly is 😂😂
  8. Sky Loyal. No issues from the start 😎
  9. Thread opened in ticket section for this.
  10. Tickets will go through Travel Club. Closing the thread to save all the “pm XYZ...”
  11. Aren’t Thomas Cook very close to the brink of going under anyway.
  12. What’s the bid up to at the moment and I’ll throw a cheeky one in
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