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  1. Remember they Arab Tarrier bstds jumping up and down listening to their radios when the Tarriers had scored never forget that
  2. If Livingston take 4 points from the 6 on offer, it’s all over and it is not beyond them
  3. Good point depending on the opponent’s accepting our proposal
  4. Watch this unfold SPFL next to be paused (my arse) then proceed to Null & Void the dark forces are at work
  5. Totally agree this was a 6 pointer today especially as they only seem to play against us, Onwards and upwards #liveitup
  6. Our response was “we will not be found wanting” a lot good that did🤔
  7. So true a wee Proddy school at that a listed building but GCC riddled with the bstds
  8. Concerned due to having a disability and park there a worry to say the least
  9. Dave King & Paul Murray in attendance a nice wee fkn jolly paid for by who? Because they have no fkn money Spivs
  10. Doncaster should never have been let into Ibrox a polite"get herself to fu&k" would have been sufficient but the reception he got was top class loved it??
  11. I wonder if GCH will give us cash to do up Edinston House like they did giving them a school which is listed building for next to nothing and other wee freebies that came their way via the Commonwealth Games we did do well out of though we hosted the Rugby Sevens.
  12. As long as it's not Neil Doncaster or Regan for that matter Dumbcaster is being allowed in somehow been in Ibrox twice last season last home game and Bartons first game nobody batted a fkn eyelid. Never Forgive or Forget.
  13. ps95v7

    Rob Keirnan

    As you say sold the SCF & Tav Stokes was made to look good. The players downed tools after the Alloa game on the Tuesday night that clinched the league,their performances after that game were a fkn disgrace should not have been allowed to happen. It will be a long time before we get a chance again to win the Scottish Cup, their displays tarnished our great result against that mob.
  14. Burn fkn Bridges by us getting back to play with "the big boys" now we have kept the corrupt SFA in post for years to come. Never forgive or Forget let that be our motto we deal with all things in house not to appease this shower of sh:te
  15. East Enclosure, I am ok when in there but it's getting from A to B it is poor cheers mate
  16. Parking for the disabled at Ibrox is nothing short of a bloody disgrace. I have bad mobility problems park at the Albion (except for the last game at Ibrox last season "glory hunters" another story) trying to push a wheelchair from the Albion to Ibrox is a disgrace dropped kerbs are poor. RFC have put their head in the sand over this issue they could be taken to court under the DDA due to unsafe or lack of access ability. If anybody knows of a good disability car park at Ibrox have Blue Badge willing to pay. my health has deteriated over the last few years hence the concern.
  17. Sickening that AMc gave him a years free training at Auchenhowie then signs for that mob now comes out with this shi+e he can GTF
  18. Hope so' Starve the bstds "Never Forgive or Forget"
  19. Leave the East Enclosure as it is I have mobility issues and registered disabled but can do the stairs and can get to my seat just.Been ST holder for years.
  20. Would love it Wallace & McKay tell that shite Strachan to poke it. FCK Scotland Sturgeon 's 11
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