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  1. have a gr8 xmas x

  2. Hey there. WATP


  3. yeah yeah that old chezza!

  4. aww bless ya! missin me :P

  5. rach89

    Harry Potter

    new film out soon!! anyone else plannin on goin to see it?
  6. when you back in motherhell then?


  7. rach89

    WoW...free trial

    well we do try to please
  8. rach89

    WoW...free trial

    tbh it was PG51 who seemed to imply you were. Mainly because he didn't actually notice your gender. Pointless is correct. And Big Brother is a pretty decent comparison - I used to love that show but it's waste of time now. no i will try anything once Should I be worried no you shouldnt be worried lol
  9. rach89

    WoW...free trial

    nope different Rach lol i'm from the isle of man, so quite unlikely have met ya at a party tho
  10. rach89

    WoW...free trial

    told you Going by your sig, it would certainly appear not I can't even see how people like it - you played for an hour? Shame on you yea i played it for like an hour its not awful but is a bit pointless like big brother Haha, within reason, right? no i will try anything once
  11. rach89

    WoW...free trial

    im not a lesbian thanks and i had like an hour on WoW the other day and yea can see how people like it but i dont think its something im gonna bother with lol and im not a geek, i downloaded it cos my mate plays it and i'll try nething once
  12. rach89

    WoW...free trial

    wow cos thats my goal in life!! lol i want to find love in a role playing internet game, think i'll just take my chances with real people for now actually
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