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  1. ICW, surely no contest! Better value for money as well.
  2. That was the bit I didn't like about it! U either do the whole thing kayfabe or not. Can't mix and match. I mean two minutes before jester is talking Dallas through how they are gonna fake fight then he is shown in the ally storming off after the scuffle in character playing up to no one but the camera. Seemed daft to me Defo not as enjoyable as the first for me, seemed forced. Especially all the things grado had to do
  3. Agreed, dunno whether it's cos the last few shows I have been at were excellent and my expectations are now really high!
  4. Was flicking through the channels and caught this match but I don't usually watch TNA. I found it was quite uncomfortable to watch at times. Was also a bit confused why they were giving it away for free on impact as well!?!
  5. They would be better off drafting in Grado rather than Big Show
  6. Bucky boys are good too but can't see them going much further than British wrestling unless they get a major makeover lol
  7. If they had started the show on time you would of been fine as well! Only shite thing about the whole night was the "band" during the break. Grado just needs to get a TV show, will never be a top class wrestler although he is entertaining
  8. Have to agree it was a top show! Defo felt a bit uncomfortable at the end with sabu and jester, maybe went on a wee bit too long for me! Do you rate the Sumerian death squad? Think some of their double team moves are second to none and really inventive at times
  9. Don't suppose anyone would be interested in tickets for the ICW show on Sunday? 3 going spare at face value
  10. goals is gomez's game and that ultimately is what Dortmund are losing in lewandowski. Bayern play a similar system to dortmund from what i can gather and the tv commentator said Gomez's record this season was 11 in 11 starts so I don't see why they wouldn't try to get him as he can still do the business in that system
  11. Could anyone see Dortmund trying to replace Lewandowski with Gomez?
  12. Another frustrating fight to watch by klitschko
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