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  1. I'm jacking in this account as I'm just about to finish my sports journalism degree and enter the big bad world of journalism. Problem being too many tims/sympathisers in uni and elsewhere know that this is my username and account on here, so I'll probably get another account but not post any more. Mods/admin that know me are still free to ask me to write articles (even though I haven't written in a while), but due to the paranoid cunts sticking their noses in everywhere, it'll be under a new name. I'll miss the chat on here with everyone, but I'll still be around. WATP. edit: if admin see this later on they can delete the account.
  2. Must be on a packet from the tims. If he's that bad and acting impartially, he should be retired now.
  3. Shitey, flukey goal but it's the mopes to throw away now. Brines is unfit to referee at this level, some preposterous decisions.
  4. Let's see what happens to him for saying this though, nothing I should expect, a la Hooper.
  5. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_prem/default.stm What a cunt.
  6. Another handful of shares traded today - 450. Meaningless in the grand scheme of things before anyone gets too excited.
  7. Yip, I mean Aberdeen have a cup final and a game against the tinks this week.
  8. Can you imagine the hardon he'd get at the mere thought of it? What a field day he;d have then, to get tore in to us good and proper.
  9. More money than sense that club. Amazing how many folk actually are on their books when you consider the unemployment in that city.
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